‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Reveals How Moving to New Mexico Will Affect the Show

by Anna Dunn

Big Sky season 2 is just a day away. It already looks like the new season will have a very different vibe. In fact, according to a recent Good Morning America interview with Katheryn Winnick, Cassie, Jenny, and the others will spend some time in a very different location: New Mexico.

Not only can we expect a Jenny that’s changed a lot since getting shot, but even the scenery on Big Sky may feel fresh.

“We’ve actually moved the entire show to new Mexico so [there’s] a new landscape even though it’s Big Sky,” Winnick said.

How much of the season is spent in New Mexico is unclear, but one thing that’s certain: everything’s changing.

“It feels like it’s a new show this year with a whole new outlook. I’m really excited for it to hit the air,” she said.

There’s a ton of new people on the show, too. While Ronald will be a part of this season, there’s way more at stake this year as Cassie and Jenny follow a whole new case. The two are called in to investigate a car crash that looks anything but accidental. There’s also an entire group of teenagers that find themselves unwittingly involved, one of which is Cassie’s younger sister.

Amongst the new characters are a waitress whose boyfriend goes missing, a former flame from Jenny’s past, and a powerful employer looking to find out what happened to her employee. That former flame may be a love interest, and the employer looking for her employee may not have the best intentions.

Season 2 of ‘Big Sky’ Will Find Jenny Becoming a Sheriff

It looks like Jenny will be back on the force as a sheriff this time. This new access to power and information could be seriously beneficial, but what’s the cost going to be? How are Cassie and Jenny going to work together as much this season if one of them is on the force and the other isn’t? Will Cassie also join?

None of these questions have answers yet. We do know that the badge is going to represent a whole new approach to Jenny’s character.

“You see Jenny in a new light. She’s now becoming a Sherrif so she wants to take back control. She’s now going to be trying to be more effective as she has that badge,” Winnick also says of the upcoming season.

Big Sky season 2 will air tomorrow night on ABC at 10/9 Central. It follows the iconic Grey’s Anatomy. After last year, Big Sky could really use a good boost in the ratings. Hopefully, the change in scenery, the high stakes plot, the timeslot change, and a new, refreshed approach to the characters will help the show get the viewership it needs.