‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Reveals Inspiration Behind Jenny

by Taylor Cunningham

Jenny Hoyt is going through a major transition on Big Sky. As actress Katheryn Winnick revealed, the character was inspired by a book. But she’s building a new and unique identity in season two.

Jenny Hoyt has been through a lot. First, she found out that her husband was cheating on her with her best friend. And the same day she caught them, he wound up dead. Then, her son’s girlfriend, Danielle, was captured by a human trafficker. And Jenny had to track her down. Luckily, Jenny and her cheating friend found Danielle, who was being held captive with her sister and a prostitute. But Jenny saw a lot of ugliness along the way.

So naturally, Jenny Hoyt has changed since the beginning of the series. And now that she’s tackling a new mystery in season two, the former PI has built a stronger identity.

As Jenny’s actress Katheryn Winnick told Entertainment Weekly, “Jenny 2.0” is more unique than she was in earlier episodes. Originally, Cassie Dewell from C.J. Box’s crime novels inspired Jenny’s character. Showrunner David E. Kelly “split Cassie in two and created Jenny.” But now, the character is forging her own life that further separates her from her origins.

“Now that Jenny has her own identity and different people in her life, including Travis and Tubbs, she’s progressing forward more effectively as a cop,” Winnick shared.

‘Big Sky’: Katheryn Winnick Explains How Jenny is Looking at Life ‘Differently’ and Moving on in Season 2

In season one of Big Sky, Jenny Hoyt was a PI with a broken heart. In season two, she’s moving on with a new career and an old flame.

Last year, Jenny Hoyt went through hell as she searched for her husband and three missing girls in the mountains of Helana, Montana. Jenny, who learned that her husband was having an affair on the same day he went missing, hit rock bottom by the series mid-season break. She managed to pull herself out of the trenches by the end. But the season closer saw her struggling to move on.

This year, Jenny is a whole new person.

“She’s looking at life a little differently,” Katheryn Winnick told Entertainment Weekly.

The former private investigator took a job with the police department, and she’s dating an ex-lover. The two change-ups are adding a lot of needed excitement to Jenny’s life. However, she’s still healing, so Jenny isn’t making any major moves on the relationship front. Instead, her career is her number one focus.

“Obviously, there’s chemistry [with Travis], and they have a history of knowing each other, and I don’t think she’s really thinking of falling in love again. Or even thinking of anything serious at this point,” the actress said. “She just wants to be really good at her job, and she’s enjoying the relationship that she has with Travis. She’s enjoying the chemistry. I don’t think she’s thinking too much at this point of where it’s going to go. She’s allowed to have fun.”