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‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Speaks Out on ‘Challenges’ of Filming the ABC Drama

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for HISTORY )

The debut season of “Big Sky” just finished filming last month, and one of its main stars is taking a moment to reflect on the experience.

Katheryn Winnick recently returned from her long stint in Canada, where production films the drama. Now, the series lead and former “Vikings” star has much to reveal about what it was like on set.

The show began filming in August 2020 yet had to endure several logistical delays as the coronavirus pandemic loomed in the background. Instead of Canada, production meant to film in Albuquerque and Las Vegas, but relocated to Vancouver due to COVID restrictions.

Winnick recently opened up about the rigorous filming process for the new series during her appearance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

“I was there for a good nine months, up in Canada,” she told hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Rippa. “It was definitely a challenge, but Vancouver’s beautiful.”

In the show, Winnick plays the role of ex-cop Jenny Hoyt, who now works as a freelance investigator. She partners with Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) when two young girls go missing in Montana. Season one’s first half aired from November to January, with the two investigators taking on a new case when the series reconvened again in April.

Being a veteran actor, Winnick is no stranger to long stints for work. During her tenure on “Vikings,” Winnick spent most of her time shooting in Ireland.

‘Big Sky’ Actor Opens up About Death-Defying Hike

During the interview, she revealed that she had her family fly out during the filming process of “Big Sky.” Although she loved spending her downtime with loved ones, she did admit she spent a good portion of her time going on adventures that were not for the faint of heart.

“My brother, who is an Afghanistan veteran, took us on this hike. I couldn’t believe it; it’s not even a hike. It was the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path up in Grouse Mountain,” she continued.

As an ex-paratrooper, her brother took the family on a hike up the 1,200 peak of the North Shore Mountain. Thankfully, the family completed the journey with no injuries, but she revealed it was strenuous.

“We ended up going up this three and a half, four-hour hike with, I’m not kidding, bears around. Death-defying, literally, I was on the edge of my seat, and I’m like, literally going to kill him,” she said. “But we made it through, had some trail mix, and had a glass of wine, and I definitely feel much better to be home.”