‘Big Sky’ Star Natalie Lind Has Fans Lighting Up Over Stunning New Photos

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Big Sky” star Natalie Lind posted a series of photos to her Instagram account. The photos caught the attention of her friends, family, and fans.

Lind played Danielle Sullivan in the first season of the ABC crime thriller show. She was one of the kidnapping victims of Ronald Pergman. Danielle was alongside her sister Grace (Jade Pettyjohn) as well as Jerrie Kennedy (Jesse James Keitel), a sex worker and aspiring singer.

She captioned the photos with a simple “#zoom.” Natalie Lind is the daughter of producer John Lind and popular actress, Barbara Alyn Woods. The mother’s most notable role is in the TV series “One Tree Hill.” Natalie Lind has appeared in “The Goldbergs,” “Gotham,” and “The Gifted.”

Barbara Alyn Woods commented on Lind’s Instagram post with, “You look familiar [heart emoji].”

Meanwhile, Claudia Lee (“Hart of Dixie”) also commented, “You’re a queen! And I miss you.”

Natalie Lind was a major character in “Big Sky” during the first half of season one. Her family, as well as Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt, desperately search for the kidnapping victims. There are a frustrating number of close calls before they are rescued. Eventually, Cassie traps Rick Legarski in the basement with the victims. He gets a bullet to the head, which he miraculously survives from. That is until he is beat to death by his wife in the hospital bed.

Lind’s role in these series slowly faded out. The storyline shifted to new focuses. She will not be appearing in the second season of the series.

Expectations for Season Two of ‘Big Sky’

There haven’t been any plot lines revealed for the upcoming season of the series. One thing is for certain, Ronald Pergman and his equally problematic girlfriend, Scarlet, will definitely require a lot of attention. They are on the run from police now and just got help from a shady and dangerous group of men.

Elwood Reid is the showrunner for the second season of “Big Sky.” He told Entertainment Weekly that he wants to tap into the emotional side of everything happening in the series. This is specifically important between Jenny and Cassie, newfound friends and partners-in-crime.

“As the show moves forward in the second season, I promise you we will take a breath and process what that means, and they’ll process what that means for their relationship together going forward. That’s the heart of the show,” Reid said.

Omar Metwally will return as a series regular on “Big Sky” as U.S. Marshal Mark Lindor. He got shot at the end of the series, but his promotion on the series means he’ll likely make it through the injury. There was a bit of romance sparking between him and Cassie as well. The show also announced the first of many new faces joining the cast. That includes Janina Gavankar as Ren, a newcomer looking for answers after being betrayed.