‘Big Sky’ Star Natalie Lind Shows Off Impressive Archery Skills in New Video

by Madison Miller

Natalie Lind, who played Danielle Sullivan on “Big Sky,” is sharing some iconic photos from her recent trip to Montreal, Canada.

The actor posted a series of photos alongside her friends and in front of the iconic Notre-Dame Basilica. Also included are some epic photos and videos of Natalie Lind showing off her archery skills.

Sadly, Natalie Lind won’t be returning to “Big Sky,” seeing as her role in the series was as a guest star. However, she was one of the integral characters earlier on in the first half of season one.

She played a kidnapping victim of Ronald Pergman alongside her sister. The two end up making it out alive after the heroic and non-stop efforts of Jenny and Cassie, amongst other characters.

The archery skills are a bit ironic, given the connection to “Big Sky.”

The notoriously evil villain on “Big Sky” at the very beginning was Montana Highway Patrol Officer Rick Legarski, although we’ve met plenty of evil since then. The way Rick is able to handle a bow and arrow was one of the most terrifying parts of the series. He shoots a fisherman square in the chest.

Even worse, he torments Grace Sullivan (played by Jade Pettyjohn) by shooting her twice straight through the leg as she tries to escape. The most off-putting part of it all was when he disturbingly utters, “this might hurt” as he yanks the arrows out.

As for Natalie Lind’s current project, according to IMDb, she is filming for an untitled “Pet Semetary” project.

John Carroll Lynch Back to ‘Big Sky’

Just when “Big Sky” fans thought they got rid of Rick Legarski after watching him get brutally beat to death by his wife while lying helplessly on a hospital bed, he may be making a comeback nonetheless.

“Big Sky” has already announced several big faces for season two, such as Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Janina Gavankar, and Logan Marshall-Green. According to TV Line, John Carroll Lynch said that he would be back as his character. He said this during a recent virtual Q&A at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

It may not be what it seems, though. There are very few ways that Legarski could survive a bullet to the head and then a gruesome beating. Writers know that would be unpredictable. Fans are guessing he will return as his twin brother, which was mentioned in the first season briefly.

He even voices a new teaser for the second season and delivers the chilling line “It’s like my brother always used to say: If you come to Big Sky, you’ll never leave.” Hopefully, murder and trafficking weren’t a family business.

Knowing “Big Sky,” odds are the twin brother may not be completely sweet and sincere.