‘Big Sky’ Star Ryan Phillippe Fears He ‘Upset’ Viewers, Says ‘I’m Sorry to My Fans’: Here’s Why

by Quentin Blount

Fans of the hit show Big Sky know Ryan Phillippe as private detective Cody Hoyt. One of its stars, Phillippe recently discussed his time on the show.

He was without a doubt a star on the show and the face on countless Big Sky billboards. However, be ready for a spoiler, Phillippe’s character Cody Hoyt doesn’t make it past the pilot episode.

So, in order to get the details on the crazy plot twist, Entertainment Weekly sat down with Phillippe for an interview. During which, they ask him when he knew his time on the series was short-lived, and whether this is the last we’ll see of Cody Hoyt.

Phillippe says that he did receive a heads up about what the fate of his character was. Although, he did say he was surprised after reading the script and thinking he was the focus of the show. He also fears that he may have upset some of his viewers.

“It was presented to me as such. I kind of wish they didn’t, [but] my agents did give me the heads up about the character’s fate. But even as I was reading it the first time, I had kind of lost myself and forgotten that. It really seemed like this guy was going to be [the focus]. Because I hadn’t read the books either. There are many fans of the series of books by C.J. Box, and they would know the fate of the Cody character. But I’m slightly worried about my fans being upset with me, I gotta be honest.”

Phillippe also discusses the ending of the Big Sky episode in a video posted by the Big Sky official Twitter account.

What Happened to Cody Hoyt in ‘Big Sky?’

Along with Ryan Phillippe’s character, Cody Hoyt, the show introduces fans to two other stars — his partner Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury), and Cody’s estranged wife, cop Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick). However, things get off to a rocky start for the three characters. Jenny discovers that Cody’s been using their “separation” time to get cozy with Cassie, while still having feelings for her.

Meanwhile, the hot and heavy love triangle is put on pause when they get word that Danielle (Natalie Alyn Lind), Cody and Jenny’s son’s girlfriend, and her sister Grace (Jade Pettyjohn) never arrive for their planned visit. Fans, of course, watched Danielle and Grace get abducted by a creepy truck driver named Ronald (Brian Geraghty) with mommy issues. He’s also already kidnapped a sex worker, Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel).

Phillipe’s character springs into action in the hunt for the girls. He pieces together that the abductions might have some connection to a string of disappearances in the area. The tip comes from Montana highway patrol officer Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch), who agrees to meet with Cody to assist on the case. After raising the possibility that the disappearances might be connected to a sex trafficking operation, the two decide to go investigate a local cult.

But before Cody can even pull out of the driveway, Legarski shoots him point blank in the head.

In the end, the pilot episode of the hit show starts and ends with a bang.