‘Big Sky’ Star Ryan Phillippe Reveals How The Cast Kept This Major Season 1 Plot Twist Under Wraps

by Joe Rutland

“Big Sky” cast members did have a big responsibility put upon them by director David E. Kelley. Simply, stay silent about a plot twist.

Why would they be asked to do so? Because it involved Ryan Phillippe, who portrays private detective Cody Hoyt. He’d put his name and face out there as one of the big stars on “Big Sky” leading up to its first episode.

Viewers tuned in to see this new show from Kelley, a proven name in television work. Their excitement at seeing Phillippe as part of “Big Sky,” along with other cast members, drew them into watching.

So, having Cody Hoyt get shot in the head by Officer Rick Legarski took Phillippe’s character out of the show. No one, not even Phillippe himself, could say one single word about what would happen. Now the actor knew going into the show what was going to happen in the series, but he stayed with it.

‘Big Sky’ Viewers Not Happy With Ryan Phillippe Early Exit

His social media fans were not happy by the sudden turn of events. He heard from them after doing a lot of promotional work for “Big Sky” ahead of the first episode. They believed that Phillippe was going to have a regular role on the ABC show. Nope, it didn’t work out that way.

Now the question becomes how do so many people maintain essential silence about a show’s plot twist? A plot twist that takes out a heavily-promoted actor and character from the show?

“We were in a remote location,” Phillippe said. “We are up in the mountains in Vancouver (British Columbia) for that scene (where Legarski shoots Hoyt). Sometimes on a project, the crew is very familiar with the material. Sometimes they’re not.

“In this case, it was hard to tell either way because everyone’s covered in PPE, so there wasn’t a lot of interaction,” he said. “But with a scene like that, you want to play the opposite of the ending.

“You want it to come out of nowhere, so you don’t want to tip the hand,” Phillippe said. “You want that payoff to be the shock, so you want the rest of the scene leading up to it to feel very normal, matter of fact. But there wasn’t an effort to hide from the crew or anyone else what was happening.”

Phillippe Said He Liked Working With Legarski Actor

Additionally, he said he enjoyed having the chance to work with actor John Carroll Lynch, who portrays Legarski.

“I had been a fan of his for years and seen him in many things,” Phillippe said. “It’s always fun to work opposite such an incredible actor.”

There is a chance Cody Hoyt will make appearances, though, in future episodes. Kelley can use the power of flashbacks to bring Phillippe back on “Big Sky” at different times.

It’s something that is in the works. Fans who were disappointed by Phillippe’s early exit from the show can hope he will show up in different ways.

“Big Sky” has been gaining attention from viewers. If the show continues to put up strong numbers as the rest of the first season’s episodes air, then ABC will look at giving it a second season.

The crime drama based in Montana will continue to put its best foot forward in the hopes that renewal happens.

H/T: EW.com