‘Big Sky’ Teases an Even Bigger New Mystery with Season 2 Trailer

by Taylor Cunningham

For those of you who sat around biting your nails each week as you watched the story unfold on Big Sky, it looks like you’re in for another emotional rollercoaster this year. ABC dropped a new season two teaser, and it’s intense.

According to Deadline, the September 30th premiere of Big Sky is going to open with a mysterious car crash right outside of Helena, Montana. And of course, no one is better suited to unravel the case than Big Sky’s most badass PI’s, Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt. So the two leading ladies reunite to take the job. But, as always, the situation ends up being more challenging and dangerous than they could have guessed.

And if you haven’t watched the teaser, you’re in for some suspense.

The clip opens with a waitress from the local diner, Tonya, telling Cassie and Jenny that her boyfriend is missing. Then we see the promo flash down a rabbit hole of fear a dispair. Big Sky has a way of making our hearts race.

We’re not sure where they’re going with the plot, but we do know that there is a bag of money and a lot of blood involved. And as Cassie says, “something bigger is going on.” She can feel it. It wouldn’t be Big Sky without a majorly sinister plot twist.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is joining the cast as Tonya. And some of the other series regulars are back, including Jesse James Keitel and Brian Geraghty. Keitel plays the brave survivor turned detective, Jerrie Kennedy. And Geraghty plays our favorite person to hate, Ronald Pergman.

What’s Ahead in Season 2 of ‘Big Sky’

ABC has been working hard at building the anticipation ahead of Big Sky’s season 2 premiere on September 30th. And they’re really making us sweat.

The official page has been posting some bizarre pictures of renewed season 1 scenes. In one particularly perplexing shot, Ronald is looking into a mirror, and the ill-fated Father Maynard is looking out—with a creepy smile on his face. For those of you who don’t remember, Father Maynard stopped by to check on Ronald’s mother and got himself killed when he went snooping in the basement.

And Deadline also announced that John Carroll Lynch, who played Rick Legarski, will be making a return. But Legarski’s wife killed him in the middle of season one. So, we’re curious about how they’re gonna bring him back. Maybe he’ll be a twisted Jimminy Cricket whispering into Ronald’s ear. He did have the trucker wrapped around his little finger, after all. 

Also, here’s a head’s up that Big Sky is moving to a new day and time. You can now catch the show on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central.