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‘Big Sky’: Travis Finds Himself in Hot Water in the Latest Episode

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

During last week’s brand new episode of Big Sky, fans were given a whole lot of information regarding some pretty major storylines.

Among these storylines is the unraveling back story of one of the show’s newest characters, Travis Stone. Stone is an old friend of Big Sky’s Jenny Hoyt and her late husband, Cody.

When Travis first arrived on Big Sky he immediately reconnected with Katherine Winnick’s Jenny Hoyt.

Fans of the popular ABC drama series thought that Hoyt’s old friend would be a perfect love-interest for the detective.

However, we soon learn that Travis, who is portrayed by Logan Marshall-Green isn’t exactly who his old friend thought he was. And, the secrets are getting him into quite a bit of hot water with some very bad people.

In the most recent episode of Big Sky, which is titled Heart-Shaped Charm Jenny learns that Travis has just double-crossed her.

When the episode begins, Jenny and her partner, Cassie Dewell discover Travis has told a dangerous criminal named Dietrich that Jenny is a cop.

Dietrich decides to let Jenny and Cassie go. But, as Jenny leaves, she gives Travis a look that says he had crossed a major line with her.

Later, Jenny goes to find Travis hoping to get information about why he sold her out to Dietrich.

Travis explains to his old friend that he is also working undercover and was close to being figured out. And, giving Dietrich the information on Jenny helped Travis keep his cover.

A Risky Moment For ‘Big Sky’ Characters

However, one of the biggest scenes in the November 18 episode of Big Sky, comes at the end of the action-packed episode.

In the scene, we see Jenny Hoyt tending to an injured Travis in his hotel room. The two are in the middle of a deep conversation when, suddenly, there is a banging on the door.

Travis knows it is a dangerous criminal named Dietrich, the man who is responsible for Travis’s current injuries. Travis tells Jenny to hide, telling her not to come out or say anything no matter what happens.

Jenny is clearly not happy about this request, but she obliges.

Just as Jenny is hidden away, Dietrich kicks in the door. The criminal is immediately suspicious of Travis because of the length of the time it took Travis to answer the door.

“Someone in here?” Dietrich asks Travis as he tries to get a look at the room.

“No!” Travis responds. “No, it’s just me.”

Finally, Dietrich is satisfied with Travis’s answer and he tells the undercover agent they need to go for a ride.

Travis initially resists these orders, so Dietrich punches him, knocking the man to the floor.

Deitrich then takes the gun that was resting on the nightstand and once again orders Travis into the car. Dietrich finally drags the injured agent out of the room himself, as Jenny is helpless to do anything to save her friend.