‘Big Sky’: Watch Jenny Actor Katheryn Winnick, Cassie Actor Kylie Bunbery Reveal Favorite Moments from Season 1

by Anna Dunn

Big Sky actresses Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury just revealed their favorite moments from season 1 in a fun twitter video for Hulu. The two played Jenny and Cassie in the drama, which was ABC’s 4th most popular drama after its first season.

Winnick started the video by talking about her favorite Big Sky scene to shoot.

“I think it has to be when Jenny goes undercover,” the Big Sky actress said. In the scene, Jenny goes undercover as a sex worker to try and find a criminal targeting sex workers. By the end of the scene, she has to fight off a man who tries to attack her.

“The lashes and the cute little number and the high heels and gets a chance to fight in high heels,” she said about why she loved the scene.

Bunbury, meanwhile, talked about her favorite scene from the first five episodes. “My favorite scene in the first five episodes would definitely have to be my showdown with Rick Legarski.”

In the show, Cassie shoots Rick Legarski in an incredibly intense moment. Legarski is a dirty cop secretly working in sex trafficking who had helped kidnap three women.

Rick Legarski actor John Carrol Lynch also talked about his favorite moment.

“My favorite moment was the arrow moment,” he said. The arrow scene is a heart-stopping moment when Legarski shoots a potential rescuer of one of his captives with a bow. He then has to re-capture the kidnapped girl, Grace Sullivan, played by Jade Pettyjohn. When Grace tries to escape, he shoots her in the leg.

“Working with Jade on the Beach. It was a crazy day, and the crew really pulled together and put together an amazing scene,” he said. You can watch the fun video below.

‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Airs this Fall in a New Timeslot

Despite some shaky ratings last year, ABC decided to give Big Sky a second shot and renewed it for season 2. Not only is ABC giving it a second shot, but it’s putting it behind one of its biggest shows, Grey’s Anatomy, on Thursday nights. This will hopefully boost the ratings for the drama.

Now, you’ll be able to catch Big Sky starting on Thursday, September 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

There’s not much known about season 2. We do know, however, that the two remaining Kleinsassers, Margaret and Cheyenne, will not be a part of season 2. Ronald Pergman is definitely coming back considering that intense finale that left Cassie on the hunt and Jenny barely clinging to life.

There’s only a little over a month left before fans get to see Jenny’s fate. While it’s hard to believe that Big Sky would kill off the main character, they’ve done it before. And if teasers and the words of the producers are anything to go by, nobody is safe.