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‘Big Sky’: Watch Rick Actor John Carroll Lynch Talk About His Favorite ‘Dangerous’ Moments

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for EON Mist Sanitizer and GBK)

There have been plenty of exciting moments while watching ABC’s drama “Big Sky.” Actor John Carroll Lynch shared one of his recently.

Lynch, who plays Rick Legarski on the show, talked about some of his favorite “dangerous” moments. In the clip, you can see a number of “Big Sky” actors share theirs, too.

“My favorite moment was the arrow moment,” Lynch said. “Working with Jade on the beach, it was a crazy day and the crew really pulled together and put together an amazing scene.”

Then in character, Rick said to Jade [Pettyjohn as Grace Sullivan], “It’s dangerous out there.” Rick then gets slapped in the face.

“It’s pretty badass,” Lynch said. These moments were all part of the first season of “Big Sky.” Its second season starts on Sept. 30 at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Also, viewers can catch episodes on Hulu, too.

‘Big Sky’ Star Got First Breakthrough Role In Coen Brothers’ ‘Fargo’

Lynch is no stranger to movie or television viewers. As for movies, the “Big Sky” star played Norm Gunderson in the Coen Brothers’ movie “Fargo.” Lynch also has appeared in “Gran Torino” with Clint Eastwood, “Ted 2,” and “Zodiac.”

Other television work included being Steve Carey, Drew Carey’s cross-dressing brother on “The Drew Carey Show.” He’s also appeared in “American Horror Story” as Twisty the Clown and “Mr. Jiggles” in different storylines.

But Lynch is coming back for a second “Big Sky” season as Legarski, so watch out for what trouble he can brew up on the show.

While you can check out Lynch as Legarski, two other characters from the first season will not be returning.

Two Members of Kleinsasser Family Are Not Returning In Show

They happened to be the final surviving members of the Kleinsasser family. If you were looking forward to seeing them back, then you will be disappointed.

TV Line reported Britt Robertson and Michelle Forbes will not be coming back to “Big Sky.” Robertson played Cheyenne Kleinsasser while Michelle Forbes played Margaret Kleinsasser. Both actresses were listed as guest stars in the show credits.

But the show is moving on from the storyline involving the Kleinsassers. Robertson has appeared in “Under the Dome” and “Tomorrowland.” Forbes has appeared in “The Killing.”

“Big Sky” may have used its first season finale to let fans subtly know changes were afoot.

The show apparently will put its focus back on the trafficking ring operating in Montana. It involves truck drivers like Ronald [Brian Geraghty] and law enforcement officials. Among those officials in “Big Sky” that are involved is Legarski, who plays a shady Montana Highway Patrol officer and is Ronald’s accomplice.

Katheryn Winnick [Jenny Hoyt] and Kylie Bunbury [Cassie Dewell] will come back in their “Big Sky” lead roles as the second season gets underway soon.