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‘Big Sky’: Watch Sneak Peek at ‘Eye-Opening’ Clip for Episode 7

by Joe Rutland
Darko Sikman via Getty Images

“Big Sky” fans, get ready because there’s a little bit of an eye-opening experience taking place in Tuesday night’s episode on ABC.

If you caught last week’s episode, then you will remember at the very end Officer Rick Legarski, played by John Carroll Lynch, is shown in his hospital bed. At the end of the first set of “Big Sky” episodes, Legarski was shot in the head.

In the clip, the camera gets closer and closer, only to have Legarski open his left eye.

This couldn’t be possible since he was shot in the head, right? Well, it’s getting a bit more interesting when it comes to plot twists.

ABC released a short clip in advance of tonight’s show with Rick in a hospital bed.

Merrilee Legarski, played by Brooke Smith, hovers over his bed saying, “Rick, can you hear me? Blink if you can understand.”

The camera view shows a tight shot of Legarski.

Merrilee Legarski Watches Rick Open Eyes On ‘Big Sky’

Merrilee looks down, then looks over and calls over a nurse. She turns on a pinlight and appears to be checking Rick’s eyes.

Now both of his eyes are open. The nurse turns toward Merrilee, then runs off.

“Rick, are you in there?” Merrilee asks. When she doesn’t get a response, then Merrilee walks away.

But out of nowhere, Rick makes a grunting sound. Merrilee runs back to his bedside.

“What did you say?” Merrilee asks.

The camera zooms down on Rick and he slowly, through his oxygen masks, asks a question.


“Rick,” she replies.

“Who…shot me?” Rick asks. He looks over at the woman and the camera shows her moving away.

That is what’s called a cliffhanger and also something to lure you into watching tonight’s episode of “Big Sky” on ABC.

Show writer Maria Sten talked about Legarski’s fate in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“With regard to his still being in the running and still being a threat, it just gives us more drama, more juice,” Sten said.

More drama? “Big Sky” fans can expect a full plate of it tonight on ABC.