‘Big Sky’: Where is Montana-Set Show Filmed?

by Jon D. B.

Hooked on “Big Sky“? So are we.

The new ABC drama is a hit with viewers, but not just for its riveting mystery. The show also features some of the most gorgeous scenery this side of “Yellowstone“, leaving many fans asking: where exactly is “Big Sky” filmed?

The U.S. television series, which is directed by David E. Kelley and based on the 2013 novel Highway by C.J. Box, takes place in Montana. From the get-go, viewers were eager to dive into the rich landscapes on display in the trailers. But is “Big Sky” actually filming in Montana proper?

Turns out, much like “Yellowstone,” the “Big Sky” production team has found some remarkably convincing stand-ins for expensive Montana filming.

Where, Exactly, is ‘Big Sky’ Filming?

To cut straight to the chase, “Big Sky” primarily films in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Canadian metropolis has been a hotspot for Hollywood filming for decades now. Many iconic films and shows – from the “X-Men” movies and “Godzilla,” to television hits like The X-Files and MacGyver, have all called Vancouver home. “Big Sky” is simply the latest to take advantage of the city’s Pacific Northwest beauty.

The reason is two-fold. For starters, Canadian tax breaks are a huge incentive for Hollywood producers to shoot in the country. In addition, that PNW beauty is undeniable. If you want dramatic, foggy, “Big Sky”-esque nature – then it’s hard to beat British Columbia. But the show wasn’t always set to film in Vancouver.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Big Sky” was originally set to film in Nevada and New Mexico. In Nevada, the settings would’ve become Las Vegas. New Mexico, in turn, would have focused on Albuquerque. Both real-life locations would have featured prominently in the fiction of the show, as well. All of this would have changed the show’s aesthetic considerably, to be sure.

So what brought on this change of scenery? As with much of the past year, the COVID-19 Pandemic put a halt to “Big Sky”‘s filming in the American West. Unable to film in Nevada and NM, the production team sought out Vancouver for the reasons mentioned above. As a result, “Big Sky” has become the moody, misty Montana drama we have now.

Where are the Pandemic & Indigenous Peoples in ‘Big Sky’?

All of this, however, begs the question: Is ‘Big Sky’ Taking Place During or After the Pandemic? Head on over to our coverage of the subject by clicking the link above to find out.

Moreover, setting the show in Montana means that the regions numerous indigenous peoples would be featured in the show, right? Wrong. ‘Big Sky’ is also Facing Backlash from Indigenous Groups’ in the form of a Public Campaign, which you can read about through this link, as well.

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