’Big Sky’: Here’s Who Died During Episode 8

by Evan Reier

People are dropping like flies on Big Sky these days. While the threat of death and harm is always present in the show, it seems like it’s picking up steam in terms of body count.

This is thanks to, primarily, Ronald going further and further into the depths of depravity and insanity. Episode 7 featured Ronald in a character-changing moment, going from mere kidnapper to actual murderer.

His first victim was, unsurprisingly, his mother. It seemed inevitable that his deranged actions and path would lead to murder, and the one person constantly pissing him off and trying to revert his path was also the first person in his way.

With the “murder floodgates” open, it’s not surprising to see Ronald going a step further. This somewhat begins with another kidnapping, as local newspaper boy Erik attempts to catch Ronald with a photo setup.

However, despite Erik’s bold attitude and general intelligence, he ends up in Ronald’s basement. But if Ronald tying up another child is bad enough, the former truck driver was just getting started.

Ronald Commits His Next Kill on Big Sky Episode 8

Raise your hand if you were convinced things would go south when the local priest rolled up to Ronald’s house. Everyone’s hands should be up.

While the priest is attempting to help, it reminds the audience of what Ronald’s mom was doing: underestimating how crazy the 38-year-old is. Things break down quickly, and this is, in part, due to Erik in the basement.

The youngster is screaming and scraping for help, with Ronald blaming it on a “dog.” The priest is not exactly convinced, and as the noise gets worse, Ronald looks to go “help.”

While downstairs telling Erik to quiet down, Ronald sees the priest investigating the basement. Immediately, a foot race ensues and Ronald runs down the priest. After shocking the priest with a taser, Ronald kills the priest in a not-so-subtle way.

Earlier on, Ronald claimed the priest and his father tried to “toughen up” Ronald by holding him under the baptism water longer than necessary. In turn, the psycho truck driver drowns the priest in the kitchen sink.

The Big Sky murder train keeps rolling.