‘Big Sky’: Writer Addresses Who Ronald’s Next Victims Could Be

by Joe Rutland

With “Big Sky” back on the air, fans are closely watching who might be next in the line of victims for Ronald going into his truck.

It’s getting rather deep on “Big Sky” right now entering the last few episodes of the show’s initial season on ABC. Ronald’s relationship with Rick Legarski appears on shaky ground, especially after Rick was shot in the head…but survived.

Cassie shot Rick and rescued three girls that had been kidnapped by Ronald, played by Brian Geraghty. But there’s more drama and mystery involved in the upcoming episodes.

Obviously, one of the big questions out there is just who could Ronald’s next victims be?

“Big Sky” show writer Maria Sten offers some insights into Ronald and his future not only with Rick but regarding those potential victims.

“Ronald and Legarski’s relationship at this point is fairly contentious, and Ronald has his own agenda,” Sten said. “The guy who sort of made him this tool is now his enemy. They’re at odds.”

She said that there is a lot for Ronald to do and he’s got to take care of tying up a lot of loose ends.

‘Big Sky’ Viewers Can Take Note Of Ronald’s Mom Fantasies

Apparently, Ronald is having even more disturbing dreams and fantasies when it comes to his mother. What should “Big Sky” viewers be on the lookout for with this turn of events?

“I think it’s safe to assume that on ‘Big Sky’ you should be concerned for everybody’s safety at all times,” Sten said without going into more detail.

There is a chance Jerrie becomes one of his new victims. Her unique knowledge of Ronald’s heinous acts is one of the few loose ends.

“With Jerrie, she is the only person who can really identify Ronald at this point,” Sten said.

It’s good to take note that the Sullivan sisters are no longer in the picture. On the other hand, Jerrie is in danger as “she’s the only one who’s around and can identify things,” Sten said.

Ronald Takes Great Lengths To Hide His Truck From Sight

Meanwhile, Ronald is working double-time to make sure no one can find his truck. He’s taking steps, like repainting it, so it can be conspicuous. Speaking of being conspicuous, he’s still got a bond with Rick’s wife that even she doesn’t know about.

Sten said Ronald prides himself on being an expert about everything when it comes to trucking.

“I loved writing that sequence where he has to disguise the truck,” Sten said. “Because it just gives us a little more insight to who he is and what he does and where he comes from.

“But it is a show about Cassie and Jenny and our two heroes, and it would be nice to see them finally get to these awful guys and get the upper hand,” she said. “That would be very nice to see, but it didn’t happen in (episode 6). We still have a couple of more episodes to get them their wins.”

“Big Sky” is one show that’s picked up steam when it comes to drama and even adding more cast members. The David E. Kelley-produced drama is looking to stay on ABC. If it can bring in solid numbers and keep storylines alive like the one with Robert, then it might have a shot at renewal for a second season.

Just think. It would be yet possibly another season of wondering what mischief Ronald could get into while still on the run. He also could get captured, too, by Cassie and Jenny. Fans of “Big Sky” will have to tune in and watch to see what happens.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly