Bill Maher Fires Back at Whoopi Goldberg Over Stance on NFL Playing Black National Anthem

by Michael Freeman

A few weeks ago, Bill Maher condemned the NFL for playing the Black national anthem before games. This prompted Whoopi Goldberg to criticize Maher’s words on The View, saying “we have to re-educate and retell people.” Last night, Maher went back to the subject on his show and retaliated at Goldberg.

“The program The View last week devoted a lot of time to this while somehow avoiding what I actually said,” Maher began.  “It seemed to be a lot about a need to school me about the Black national anthem itself.” Referring to himself as an “old school liberal,” he defended his stance and stated he thinks the U.S. should get rid of The Star-Spangled Banner, but there should be “just one” anthem since it’s a national anthem.

“Symbols of unity matter,” Maher continues. “And purposefully fragmenting things by race reinforces a terrible message that we are two nations hopelessly drifting apart from each other. That’s not where we were even ten years ago and it’s not where we should be now.”

Maher then played a clip of then-candidate Barack Obama saying “There is not a Black America or a White America… there is the United States of America.”

Maher then asks why we should stop there. If we have two anthems, why not three or five? “We need to stop regarding this new woke segregation as if it’s some sort of cultural advancement,” he adds while discussing the national anthem controversy and things like segregated dorms in colleges.

Maher concludes his discussion by saying, “We need to unite as one nation who come together and sing one anthem always out of key.”

Bill Maher Blasts Apple for New Policy, Says Smartphones ‘Make People Bullies’

The Black national anthem isn’t the only thing Bill Maher recently voiced concerns with lately. Last month, Apple revealed a new policy for combating child pornography, which Maher criticized, and then talk about how smartphones make people into bullies.

Deadline reported last month about Apple’s new policy of fighting child pornography. The company said it will begin scanning peoples’ phones in the near future for said imagery. Maher is naturally against children being abused in such a way. However, he states “Our phones should be like our wallets or purses: private.”

He then segues into how smartphones “make people into a-holes.” Maher said no other device demands our attention as our phones do. Stating they keep us self-focused, they negatively impact how we talk and communicate.

“Phones make people bullies. Angrier. More vitriolic. More racist online than they would ever dream of being if they had to say those things to someone’s face. The phone made us passive-aggressive to our friends and hyper-aggressive to total strangers. Even texting is too confrontational now for most people,” he said. “We don’t engage with our friends. We just walk away…just ghost them.”