Bill Maher Unleashes on the Media for ‘Scaring’ People

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most politically divisive topics in recent history. No matter where anyone stands on the political spectrum, many have voiced criticisms of the media’s handling and reporting of the pandemic. Now, one of those people is Bill Maher. He recently called out the media for “scaring the sh*t out of people.”

Bill Maher has been outspoken in his political views for years. While he is a self-proclaimed liberal, in recent years, he has railed against some positions of the left. He has done so often enough that some younger liberals no longer see him as part of their fold.

Recently, Bill Maher appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his upcoming tour. While discussing that tour, Maher took a moment to fire a few shots at the media that has stoked division in this country for the past few years.

Bill Maher Calls Out the Media

“I have to cite a survey that was in the New York Times, which is a liberal paper, so they weren’t looking for this answer,” Bill Maher began. “The question was ‘What do you think the chances are that you would have to go to the hospital if you got COVID?’ and Democrats thought that was way higher than Republicans.”

He went on to give specifics from the study. First, he noted that the changes of hospitalization after catching COVID are only 1-5%. Then, he said, “41% of Democrats thought it was over 50%. Another 28% thought it was between 20 and 49%. So, 70% of Democrats thought it was way way way higher than it really was.”

Bill Maher then pointed out what he finds to be a discrepancy. “Liberal media has to take some responsibility for that, for scaring the sh*t out of people.”

Then, Bill Maher explained that he wasn’t just idly calling out the media. He has a valid reason for his frustration. “The reason why I’m bringing this up is that it’s much harder for every touring act to sell tickets in blue states. They’re afraid to go out of the house. Whereas in red states, it’s all good to go.”

Bill Maher went on to assure the people who plan to come to his shows, “I ain’t going to give [the virus] to you.” Then, he explained that COVID protocols would be in effect at his shows.

Maher closed out the topic by saying, “I’m for whatever is getting America back to where I can see the James Bond movie in the theater.”