Bill Murray Downs Tequila Shot Like a Champ at Golf Pro-Am

by Matthew Memrick

Legendary actor and sports fan Bill Murray took a tequila shot at last weekend’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am like a champ.

In mere seconds, the excellent golfer tossed back a glass cup filled with the alcohol, threw it to the crowd, and took some lime in his mouth. An Instagram user recorded the moment on video before Murray walked to another tee.

The moment came two years after the 71-year-old did the same thing during the same pro-am tournament.

TMZ recorded the moment for posterity.

In another noteworthy moment from the event, Murray had a behind-the-back putt on Saturday to show off the PGA pro-am fans.

Some guys, like Bill Murray, just have it.

Bill Murray’s Handicap In The Single Digits

The actor is quite a golfer and loves the sport. He’s even got his own golf clothing line.

At one point, he had a comedy golf show on Comedy Central. He’s been competing in the pro-am since 1993. The star likes to mix it up and talk to fans. Sometimes he throws his golf clubs like a baseball home run hitter. Sometimes he even sings “Happy Birthday” to someone who’s celebrating.

So, when it comes to golfing, you think he’d be average, right? Maybe not. 

An accurate measure of a golfer’s skills comes down to their handicap. Based on a golfer’s previous round scores, the handicap scale goes from 0 to 26. According to Today’s Golfer, pro golfers hover with a +4 to +6. The typical range for most male golfers is around 13 to 14.

One website, Why We Love Golf, said Murray’s handicap is a remarkable 7.2. 

One Golf Pro Not Cool With Bill Murray

Well, one former pro golfer is not digging Murray’s act. Former pro Mark Calcavecchia took a moment to Tweet about Murray on Saturday in a backhanded way. The website Golf Magic took note.

One fan piggybacked off Calcavecchia’s Tweet, saying that he gets Murray’s golf club throwing thing, but “but that can tear up some turf with the little attention he’s paying around the greens.”

Murray’s got the millions to fix a little turf here and there. So if you were in his shoes, I guess you could get away with it.

Maybe the golf purists just had enough this past weekend. “America’s Funniest Home Video” host and 50-year-old Alfonso Ribeiro, best known for playing Carlton Banks in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” with Will Smith, also gave us his traditional dance. 

Some Twitter fans, like “Reasonably Smart Ass,” were not digging the event altogether.

The Twitter user said, “Same celebs. Boring to watch. One might say not unlike champions tour.” 

The event had an $8.7 million purse as 77 pros and 64 others played last week. 

The four-round event winner earned $1,566,000, with the second-place finisher grabbing $948,300.