Bill Murray Show’s Off His ‘Caddyshack’ Skills in Real Life

by TK Sanders

Beloved actor and comedian Bill Murray casually knocked in a crowd-pleasing trick shot at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament over the weekend. Fans on social media immediately began making Caddyshack jokes in honor of the beloved 1980 golf comedy. Murray played greenskeeper Carl Spackler in the film. The movie helped launch the careers of Murray and other famous actors like Chevy Chase into A-list status.

Like the Spackler character, Murray himself is known as a bit of a goof, even in his senior years. The ‘legend’ of Bill Murray often proceeds him; fans detail Murray spottings at bowling alleys, pubs, and even private house parties. If there’s a little fun to be had, chances are the 71-year-old actor will find it.

But Murray wasn’t just playing a character in Caddyshack. He’s an avid golfer and an extremely passionate supporter of the game in all facets. Because of the movie and his lovable notoriety ever since its release, Murray always gets to lean on the comedic aspects of golf, especially when fans are around. He and his brother even founded a golf apparel company called William Murray, complete with shirts and slacks and a heavy dose of fun-loving nostalgia.

Bill Murray’s golf game comes with a bit of flair

At the Pro-Am, which is a style of tournament where a PGA player partners with an amateur, Murray got to both play a serious round of high-level golf and entertain the crowd with some antics. His highlight of the day came late in the round when he ‘no-looked’ a five-foot putt into the hole with his back to the pin. Check out the video below.

Of course, the crowd went wild, just like Spackler dreamed of while driving flower pedals down the imaginary fairway of Augusta in the movie. Murray then complemented the trick shot with a little putter toss and a celebration dance; all in character and to the delight of the fans.

Some on social media have compared the moment to when Spackler caddies for a bishop who plays the best round of his life; that is, until he is struck by lightning, and Murray’s character drops the pin and slips away. The putter toss has also been memorialized in the William Murray brand logo. Every shirt they sell features a silhouette of Murray casually tossing his club to the side.

All told, it was a fun day for fans and a fun day for golf, in general. Once seen as a bit stodgy and suffocated, the sport of golf has experienced a renaissance lately. New, young talent floods the leaderboards weekly. And social media influencers who love the game have made entire careers out of trick shots, inside jokes, and pranks. Who knows how much longer figures like Murray will keep playing; but he’s certainly leaving the game in good hands.