Bill Paxton Beautifully Tributed by ‘Big Love’ Co-star Amanda Seyfried After Finding Throwback Photo: ‘Brings Me to My Knees’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Actress Amanda Seyfriend recently remembered late friend Bill Paxton with an old photo, saying it “brought her to her knees.”  

Paxton died in 2017 at age 61. He had open-heart surgery and died days later from a stroke.

Seyfried said she was going through photos and came to an emotional stop when she saw this one. She portrayed his daughter on the HBO show “Big Love” from 2006 to 2011.

“I got so lucky to know this man and feel his warm light so often,” she said. “He was wonderful and so deeply loved and I miss him.”

People reported Seyfried’s statement after the actor’s death in 2017. She called Bill Paxton’s death “a terrible loss.” 

She called him “an amazing and supportive father figure early in her career.”

“Incredibly inspired and full of life at every turn,” Seyfried recounted. “He made you feel like everything was possible.”

Bill Paxton’s first minor role was in 1984’s “Terminator” where he played a punk. His movie career spanned 42 years and included such movies as “Twister,” “U-571,” “Apollo 13” and “Tombstone.”

Paxton Remembered By Another Star

“Walking Dead” star Jeffrey Dean Morgan also shared a great photo memory of Bill Paxton this weekend.

On Saturday, People reported that the 55-year-old shared of photo of himself and Paxton side-by-side under umbrellas. Both men were in full costume while Paxton had suspenders and high boots on. A hat was on his knee.

“This popped up today on my phone memories. G**damn, I miss him. So much,” Morgan wrote alongside the photo. “Never known anyone quite like Bill. Never will.”

Bill Paxton portrayed General Sam Houston, while Morgan played Captain Deaf Smith in the 2015 History Channel miniseries “Texas Rising.”  

Morgan went on to say that he “loved” Paxton “with a passion,” noting, “everyone lucky enough to know him did.” 

Former Co-Star Always Remembers Stabbing Paxton

In July, Lance Hendrickson talked about his famous knife fight scene with Bill Paxton for their 1986 “Aliens” movie. James Cameron (“Avatar,” “Titanic”) directed the film.

According to a July Yahoo! News story, Hendrickson said he and Paxton had only two takes to fight with knives. The day of the fight, Hendrickson said both men had partied hard the night before on. With their scenes practically finished, he admitted flying home was on their minds.

“We were ready to fly back from London to L.A., and we had to go to the studio the morning of the flight,” Henriksen said. “We had partied that night saying goodbye to England!” 

Hendrickson said the first take was perfect. When Cameron asked for another take, he “gave Bill a blood blister” because Paxton moved his finger “into the line of fire.” 

The actor said he pinched Paxton’s finger, and the late actor moaned the stab was like being attacked with an ice pick.

Hendrickson finished the story by saying the incident “was pretty funny actually” before admitting he “felt bad about it … but not really.”