Billie Joe Armstrong’s Stolen 1962 Chevy Recovered By Police

by Victoria Santiago

Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1962 Chevy Nova was stolen over the weekend. Thankfully, it didn’t take police too long to find his car. The Green Day singer has owned the Chevy Nova for more than 30 years. After owning a classic car for that long, losing it for a couple of days probably felt like an eternity. Thankfully, the car was found in good shape.

Billie Joe Armstrong Shared the Whole Ordeal Online

In true Billie Joe Armstrong fashion, the singer was quick to joke about the incident on Instagram. “FOUND MY CAR!!,” he wrote. “False alarm.. turns out I forgot where I parked it… KIDDING! Truth is the person that stole it left it parked. Joy ride? Maybe.. who knows. We live in desperate times.” However, he also shared a serious bit of relief with his online followers. “Thank god It’s all in one piece. No damage. Thank you thank you to everyone that searched for my Chevy. love you all.”

We’re sure his fans were just as relieved as he was. After all, the singer had asked everyone to be on the lookout for his classic car.

Public Tips Helped Find His Classic Car

When the car was first stolen, Billie Joe Armstrong also reached out to his social media fans to help him find it. “My car was STOLEN 1962 Chevy II,” he wrote on Instagram. “This car is near and dear to all our hearts and has been in the GD family for over 30 years. Please send any sighting, tips or info to the Costa Mesa police. Incident # 22-002015, 22-002016. Please call 714-754-5280 please re-post, lets all help find this car!!”

In fact, tips from the public were crucial to finding the ’62 Chevy Nova. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department found the car, according to a statement made by the Costa Mesa Police Department. Surprisingly, the thieves left the car abandoned near El Modena, CA.

“No arrests have been made in this incident and no other items that were stolen have been recovered,” the police department’s statement read. “We thank the public for reporting sightings which assisted in the recovery of the vehicle. We also thank the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for locating the vehicle.”

The Chevy Nova wasn’t the only thing that was stolen from Billie Joe Armstrong. In addition to that, thieves reportedly took two electric guitars and an amplifier. However, only the car has been found so far. People reports that at this time, no arrests have been made.

Since the police relied on the public’s help in finding the classic car, it will probably be harder to find his other missing items. In any event, at least he’s got his car back.