Billy Bob Thornton Reportedly in Talks to Star in ‘Yellowstone’ Creator’s Texas Oil Boom Series

by Leanne Stahulak

Billy Bob Thornton recently teamed up with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan for “1883,” his western-inspired drama. But now, it looks like Thornton might work with Sheridan on another project centering on the West Texas oil boom.

Sheridan wants to base the new series, called “Land Man,” on the popular “Texas Monthly” podcast “Boomtown.” The 11-episode podcast series from December 2019 focuses on the massive oil boom in West Texas that occurred in the last decade. Sheridan’s new show plans to showcase the impact of the boom on billionaires and locals near the Permian Basin.

Rumors started circulating about Billy Bob Thornton’s role in “Land Man” earlier this week. According to PopCulture, a journalist named Matt Belloni reported that Thornton was “in early talks” to star as an oilman on the show.

We’re not surprised by Thornton’s potential involvement. He’s loved working with Sheridan on “1883” so far and appreciates the creator’s writing.

 “I believe shows like this are what people want to watch now. Because they want to invest themselves in something that takes some time to see,” Billy Bob Thornton told PEOPLE Magazine at the “1883” premiere.

Ever since the wild success of “Yellowstone,” Sheridan’s been busy with several projects all at once. Aside from “Yellowstone” and “1883,” the creator’s also working on a spin-off series called “6666,” based on the Texas ranch.

In March, filming starts for a mob drama called “Kansas City” starring Sylvester Stallone. Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana are rumored to appear in his film “Lioness” about female Marines. David Oyelowo will star in “Bass Reeves” about a black Western lawman. And of course, Sheridan’ working on “Land Man,” potentially with Billy Bob Thornton.

Diving into Billy Bob Thornton’s Character on ‘1883’

We’ve watched Billy Bob Thornton star as Marshal Jim Courtright in two out of the four “1883” episodes that have aired so far. But we doubt this will be the last time we see him. Especially since IMDb lists him on the show for eight total episodes.

Courtright is no-nonsense and gets things done on the show. When talking to PEOPLE magazine at the “1883” premiere, Thorton opened up a bit more about what it means to play a character like Courtright.

“That’s kind of the way it was in the Old West. One of the things about the Old West is a lot of guys who were marshals or sheriffs or something had at one point been gunslingers or outlaws,” Thornton said. “So there was a very thin line between a bad guy and a good guy. And a lot of times they would wanna hire a bad guy as the sheriff because they knew he knows how to do it.”

Catch Billy Bob Thorton in the latest “1883” episode now steaming on Paramount Plus.