Billy Gibbons Explains ZZ Top’s Decision To Continue Touring in Wake of Dusty Hill’s Death

by Keeli Parkey

Following the sad news that ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill passed away on Wednesday, July 28, the band chose to postpone one show. However, they are getting back on tour because that’s what Hill wanted.

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons talked about his band’s plans to keep touring following Hill’s death with Variety.

“Yes. We’re making tracks down to southern Alabama,” Gibbons said. “We did elect to postpone last night’s performance out of just respect and trying to get our wits together.” That concert is scheduled for the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater in Tuscaloosa on Friday, July 30, according to the band’s website.

While taking that time to mourn for Dusty Hill was important for the band, they were ready to get back out there in his memory, according to Gibbons.

“But at the same time, everybody was ready, standing on point,” Gibbons also said. “And they said, ‘Come on. You heard Dusty’s directive as he was bowing out to go off the deck. He turned and pointed and he said, ‘Come on. The show must go on.'”

During Friday’s ZZ Top concert in Alabama, there will most likely be a special tribute for Dusty Hill. He was 72 years old at the time of his death. He died in his sleep at his home in Houston, Texas.

Billy Gibbons Said ZZ Top Will ‘Pick Up Sticks and Carry It On’

“Tomorrow night, we’ll kind of pick up sticks and carry it on,” Gibbons said Thursday. “I may grab his stage hat and throw it over his microphone, and I’ll sing one for the Dust.”

Exactly how ZZ Top will pay tribute to its late bassist remains to be seen.

“I’m not sure how (a tribute moment) will unfold,” Billy Gibbons said. “…So, I think it’s worthy of giving him some special moment during (the show) as we proceed. And one up. …”

The outpouring of support from fans since Hill’s death has touched the members of ZZ Top. Condolences and well-wishes have come in from across the globe, Gibbons said.

“I’ve heard from so many folks, and it’s kind of a shame that you have to lose a band member to realize just what it means to have been an important figure for our friends, fans, followers,” he also shared. “In my text inbox, if there’s one (text), there’s 1500-and-one. It’s really remarkable from all over the planet.

However the members of ZZ Top decide to pay tribute to Dusty Hill, one thing is certain – they will never forget him.

“Not only can you not forget five decades very easily, but you certainly can’t forget a character like the Dust,” Billy Gibbons also shared.

If you want to see ZZ Top in concert, you have many opportunities coming up. They have many dates all across the United States on their schedule between now and May 2022. They also have dates scheduled in Canada.