Billy Ray Cyrus Celebrates Miley’s Birthday With Classic ‘Mullet Monday’ Throwback Photo

by Atlanta Northcutt

Country music artist Billy Ray Cyrus rocked his mullet for many years, which may have been a little too long, seeing how he’s kind of received a bad rap from it. However, he is making the most of his unappealing hairstyle by bringing attention to the 28th birthday of his daughter Miley.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley, and Mullets in the Birthday Post

Miley Cyrus’ doting dad tweeted a photo of a very young Miley and brother Braison, who is also wearing a mullet just like his dads while being toted in their father’s arms.

The tweet reads: “It’s @MileyCyrus‘ birthday AND #MulletMonday?! What a day! @BraisonMusic rockin one too!”

Strangely enough, the unnecessary hairstyle her father is known for is similar to its depiction of Miley’s career. All business is in the front, including the pop music industry, designer gowns, and red carpet events. The back shows a heck of a lot of partying going on.

From Daddy’s Lil’ Darlin’

Billy Ray took to social media Monday to wish his little girl a very happy birthday. Miley’s father tweeted how proud he was of his daughter, and how he touts her new album “Plastic Hearts.”

 Billy Ray then posted a picture of a young Miley smiling while she was relaxing in a swimming pool.

The tweet says, “Happy Birthday @MileyCyrus! Love you so much and so proud of you! Just wait till y’all hear the rest of this album!!! #PlasticHearts.”

To Queen Miley Cyrus

A long list of talented and famous musicians, actors and actresses, designers, TV show personalities, and many more, including Billy Joel, Debbie Harry aka “Blondie,” Dua Lipa, Dwayne Johnson, and Nina Garcia all wished Miley a happy birthday.

Miley’s 28th birthday came in like a wrecking ball. However, there were no blurred lines when it came to the celebration.