Billy Ray Cyrus Posts Throwback to Being on Rachael Ray’s Show at Thanksgiving: ‘I Still Think About That Apple Cake’

by Atlanta Northcutt

All Billy Ray Cyrus wants for Thanksgiving is Rachael Ray’s apple cake.

Billy Ray Cyrus took to Twitter the day before Thanksgiving to give thanks to apple cakes and Rachael Ray.

Billy Ray Cyrus Gives Thanks to Rachael Ray

The video is a throwback from a Thanksgiving several years ago when Cyrus appeared on the Racheal Ray Show to make what seems to be a magical apple cake.

“I can’t shove enough of this apple cake in my face. As I talk you can see my cheeks,” says Cyrus in the Twitter video. “I’m storing all of this food in my cheeks because it’s so good.”

He then continues, by asking, “Dear Lord, please have Racheal Ray and all of her chefs come to my house on Thanksgiving. Thank you, Lord baby Jesus. Amen.”

Cyrus made his second appearance on the Rachael Ray Show on Thanksgiving in November 2017, where he apparently had the earth-shattering apple cake. The two Ray’s then tried to take a selfie.

“Did you ever see two people have a worse time taking a selfie?” Rachael asks the audience with a laugh.

The Cyrus’ Rachael Ray Appearance

Miley and her father appeared on the TV show together in 2009.

The selfie idea came from Rachael who jokes, “She [Miley] hasn’t been here in far too long. You tell her I’m taking it personally!” The TV host then tried taking a selfie of her and Billy Ray in order to “entice” Miley into coming back.

Miley has yet to return to the Rachael Ray Show. However, her dad can’t get the food from the show out of his head. He even included in the tweet: “I still think about that Apple Cake!”

Rachael’s Response

Rachael Ray found the Throwback tweet by Billy Ray hilarious. She responded with:

Fans are loving the banter between the two, with one saying, “Send him some of that apple cake Rachael!”