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Bindi Irwin Adorably Reveals Daughter Grace Warrior’s ‘Favourite Animal’

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Australian animal conservationist, Bindi Sue Irwin clearly loves being a mother!

Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell are proud parents to an adorable 11-month-old baby girl named Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. In a recent Instagram post, the animal lover shares a video of her daughter interacting with a turtle. Unfortunately, the baby failed to pick up the animal using one hand.

Irwin’s caption reads, “I’m starting to think her favourite animals are tortoises.”

Fans shared kind messages in her comments, happy to remind Irwin how adorable her daughter is and how much she looks like her mother.

“I wish I was baby Grace! What a blessed life to get to be around so many beautiful creatures!”

A few weeks ago during an interview on The Kelly Clarkston Show, the 23-year-old explained the story behind her daughter’s unique name. While telling the story, even Taraji P. Henson was close to tearing up.

Irwin said that, after seeing her daughter for the first time, the name just came to her. “When beautiful Grace Warrior was born, my first words were that she’s our graceful warrior, and that’s actually how she got her name.”

The story only got more sweet and emotional from there. Irwin’s love for her late father and her daughter by memorializing them in one tattoo.

“In [Grace’s] honor, I got ‘graceful warrior’ tattooed on my arm in my dad’s handwriting so that my beautiful daughter and my dad could always be together and be with me,” she continued.

Bindi Irwin Shares Childhood Throwback Photo Posing With Tortoise Who Lived To Be 175

Earlier this month, Bindi Irwin shared a throwback picture of her as a child posing with a huge tortoise. Is it just me, or does baby Grace Warrior resemble her mother even more as a child?

Is the picture of a young Irwin leaning against a huge tortoise adorable? Absolutely. Are the animal’s eyes and the fact that it stared straight at the camera slightly creepy? Also true.

Irwin’s caption read, “#Flashback // Darling Harriet was like everyone’s grandmother. She lived to be 175 years old and loved a hibiscus flower or twenty! I miss this sweet lady.”

Followers of Irwin continued sharing heart emojis and reminders of her cuteness. One person said, “Love this picture….you were such a cute little girl!! You certainly haven’t changed in looks….your little Grace Warrior is totally as beautiful as her momma.”

According to AZ animals, in 2006, a record-setting tortoise named Adwaitya reportedly lived to the age of 255.

However, many studies on these creatures reveal that tortoises can live up to 150 years and even older. However, it’s pretty rare for these reptiles to live more than that. Just ask Crush from “Finding Nemo” who was 150-years-old.