Bindi Irwin Is All Smiles with Family in Return to Social Media

by Amy Myers

Bindi Irwin leads a very busy life. Between her job at the Australia Zoo with her husband and raising their infant daughter, it’s no wonder she hardly has time for little things like Instagram. However, when the wildlife advocate does have a chance to share updates with her doting followers, we drink in every photo we can get.

As the daughter of late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, Bindi has dedicated her life to animals in just about every capacity. So it’s no shock that her most recent photos were either outdoors or in the company of wildlife. Since Grace Warrior Irwin Powell’s birth, Bindi has made sure that her daughter shares the same love, appreciation and respect for animals as the rest of her family.

In the caption, Irwin described the post as, “A collection of my favourite moments this month. Our beautiful angel has started giggling all the time and absolutely loves nature walks, looking for wildlife with us. Can you believe she’ll be 4 months old soon?! Infinite love and gratitude in my heart.”

Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Interacts With Zoo Wildlife

Ever since her daughter arrived in March, Bindi Irwin has made little Grace Warrior a regular visitor at the Australia Zoo. The almost four-month-old baby takes frequent “nature walks” with her mom around the zoo grounds and gets to see some of the animals up close.

Previously, Irwin took Grace to meet her first koala when she was only two months old. Now almost a whole two months older, the little Warrior was ready to meet her first kangaroos. In Irwin’s photo, the young mother crouches down with Grace in her arms. A curious joey sniffs the child’s hand, probably wondering why she didn’t have fur like the rest of the bunch. Grace, always the wildlife fashionista, wore a bear onesie and a hat with pink pig ears.

Irwin also shares plenty of sweet snapshots of her baby’s beautiful smile. In the first shot, baby Grace sits happily in her dad’s arms beside her mom. Another photo shows Grace hanging like a monkey in a sling with Irwin. The most precious of the close-ups, though, is the one where she grins sweetly at the camera in her koala jammies.

In another one of her photos, Irwin shared a new part of the Australia Zoo created in honor of her daughter. The Irwins and Bindi’s husband, Chandler Powell, posed in front of “Grace’s Bird Garden.” Grace, sleeping soundly in her mother’s arms, might be too young to enjoy the gift just yet. But as she follows the Irwin’s wildlife legacy, she’ll no doubt appreciate the exhibit and give back to the Zoo what it’s given to her family.