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Bindi Irwin, Daughter Grace Warrior and Rest of Irwin Family Gather for Touching Tasmania Photos

by Amy Myers
(Photo by JC Olivera/WireImage)

In just her first year, Bindi Irwin’s daughter, Grace Warrior, has seen more wildlife and wildlands than most people see in their whole lives. Now, the little conservationist in training gets to add Tasmania’s flora and fauna to her wealth of knowledge. Back in October, the Irwin family decided to spend a few days in the island state of Australia. And lucky for them, they had a professional photographer in the family to help capture all of their best moments on camera.

Bindi Irwin has been more than happy to share the photos that her younger brother, Robert, took along the way. In fact, Robert had so many great shots of the loving family that Bindi had to create two posts just to share them all.

Here’s the latest:

Not surprisingly, Grace Warrior was the star of all of the family’s photos. And who could blame her? With her winter hats and puffy pink jacket, she can melt your heart even on the coldest day.

Not to mention, it seems that no one in the Irwin family could take their eyes off the newest member. In almost every shot, one of Grace’s loved ones is either smiling because they’re holding her or smiling because they see her. She’s giving the term “bundle of joy” a literal meaning among Australia’s favorite family.

Usually, along with these sentimental images, Bindi pens a sweet message that expresses her amazement and gratitude for her young daughter. However, this time, she seemed to want her brother’s photography to speak for itself.

Bindi Irwin’s Brother Also Opted for Some Black and White Shots

While Bindi Irwin’s latest post consisted of all-color photos, the first album of the family’s trip to Tasmania was in black-and-white.

It doesn’t seem like there was any dramatic reason as to why some photos were in color and some weren’t. Likely, it was the photographer’s choice for the sake of artistry. But it does shift the focus more towards the loving family rather than the picturesque environment.

Take a look for yourself.

During these family outings, it’s hard for fans to ignore the absence of the late and great Steve Irwin among the crowd of conservationists. But even in these shots, Steve’s presence is still there, if not in their love for animals then in the sweet face of his granddaughter.

Just as in the most recent album, Grace Warrior naturally steals the spotlight. Clearly an Irwin, not even a rainstorm can keep her from enjoying her time outside with her family. And the only warmth her family seems to need is that of her sweet smile and laughter.