Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Warrior Looks Like She’s Ready for Safari in Adorable New Photo

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images)

Wild animal lover and conservationist Bindi Irwin shared an adorable photo on her Instagram with her and her safari-ready four-month-old daughter, Grace Warrior. The picture features little Grace in her mom’s lap as Irwin peers lovingly at her infant daughter. In return, Grace awards Irwin, as well as viewers to the photo, with the most adorable little toothless smile.

Irwin shared the photo Monday while the 23-year-old was spending family time on her conservation property. New mom Bindi Irwin doesn’t appear to be as fashionably dressed as Miss Grace Warrior. However, the little girl makes up for the lack of pizazz in the cutest outfit. Grace wears a simple polka-dotted sleep n’ play, a brightly patterned floral bib, and the cutest of patterned safari hats. Even at four months old, little Grace is an icon on the Irwins’ wildlife preserves.

The article further stated that little Grace was born on March 25th this year. The date also happens to be the young couple’s wedding anniversary. In a post announcing the birth of their daughter, Irwin shared that her name comes from both her great-grandmother and multiple relatives of her husband Chandler’s dating all the way back to the 18th century.

Bindi Irwin Celebrated Her First Birthday As a Mom on July 24th

The latest post preceded a collection of photos with family from Bindi’s 23rd birthday celebration. The Daily Mail quoted Irwin who said, “My first birthday as a mama has been the most beautiful gift,” in the caption of her post. She further detailed in her caption that she celebrated her July 24th birthday celebration feeding Monty the crocodile and hugging her gorgeous little girl. “([N]ot at the same time!),” she jokes.

The photo captures a happy little family as Irwin holds baby Grace. The family, including Irwin’s husband Chandler Powell, mom Terri Irwin, and brother Robert Irwin, surrounds the pair. While the day was meant to celebrate Bindi’s birthday, the little family simply seems more enraptured by sweet Grace.

While the beautiful wildlife-themed birthday cake is meant for her mother and sits nearby on the table, Grace seems more interested in the cake than Mom does. The baby is also accompanied sitting on the table next to a little bowl of multi-colored roses. In addition to Irwin, her surrounding family also seems more interested in little Grace rather than Irwin’s birthday celebration or anything else. But as long as Bindi doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight, we’re sure she’s happy nonetheless.

Nevertheless, the young mom still received social media tributes from her family members. Powell credited her as a woman who brings “happiness and love to everyone around her.” Irwin’s brother also wished her a happy birthday on social media with a selfie of the pair. He admitted that Bindi is the best big sister he could ever know and that he’s now so proud to watch her be such a great mom to baby Grace.