Bindi Irwin Lives the Life Taking ‘Evening Family Walks’ Through Australia Zoo Gardens

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images)

Okay, we moms all love family time in the evening. But Outsider moms can’t help but be a little jealous as Bindi Irwin’s evening walks give off an entirely different vibe. The young mom shared a photo of herself, her daughter Grace, and their fuzzy little pup strolling through the Australia Zoo gardens. Now, I am admittedly envious.

Nevertheless, the photo emanates all the loving, peaceful tones we could hope to experience. Little Grace playfully sticks out her tongue as her Daddy takes the photo. Her tiny footie-jammied feet dangling from Mom’s chest carrier. However, what makes the photo overall is the way the sun shines on Irwin’s bright blonde hair. The fading light highlights Irwin’s own loving gaze as she peers down at her little one.

The animal conservationist’s followers flocked to the comments to share their love for the young mom and her sweet daughter. “What a lovely picture,” commented one of Bindi’s followers. “She is too cute,” wrote another.

Grace Warrior Has a Signature Photo Expression

There’s no doubt Bindi Irwin’s daughter possesses some major beauty. However, even at the little girl’s young age, she’s already begun to develop her own variation on the duck face. And truth be told, it’s much cuter than we could comprehend.

In an earlier post, Bindi Irwin captured daughter Grace and her dad, Robert Powell, in a sweet daddy-daughter moment.

However, what makes the photo is Grace’s teeny tongue, sticking out right at the viewer. It’s the second recent photo we have of Grace Warrior and the signature look and we can’t get enough. So, as Bindi Irwin continues to share updates and sweet moments from the family’s life at the zoo, be on the lookout for that tiny tongue peeking out at you.

Bindi Irwin Gets a Surprise Sunrise Companion

While Bindi Irwin’s latest post captures a sweet sunset family moment, she previously shared an almost equally sweet photo of a sunrise companion. This time of year, Outsiders across the U.S. may see morning visitors from white-tailed deer to birds and squirrels, Bindi Irwin’s morning companions vary greatly.

Yesterday morning saw a friendly lemur paying the animal conservationist a visit, the bright morning sun casting a prism of light across the fuzzy animal’s back.

“The magic of sunrise here at the Australia Zoo,” Irwin shared. “Our spectacular wildlife sanctuary always feels like another world entirely.”

While the Irwins’ evening family walk photo definitely captures some beautiful scenery, I think I prefer the colors and sounds that must have accompanied the arrival of the young mom’s fuzzy companion.