Bindi Irwin’s Husband Chandler Powell Says Being a Dad Is the ‘Greatest Gift’ on Australian Father’s Day

by Lauren Boisvert

Chandler Powell has a permanent smile on his face now that he’s a dad. On Sunday, Powell celebrated his first father’s day in Australia with his 5 month old daughter, Grace Warrior. He posted a sweet photo of himself holding Grace in the air, captioning it with, “Being Grace’s dad is the greatest gift of all❤️ Love my girl.”

Bindi Irwin, who is great at posting adorable photos and captions featuring her family, also made a heartfelt post about her husband and daughter. According to People, she wrote on Instagram, “Watching my husband become a Dad has been extraordinary. Grace adores her Dadda, and I treasure every moment watching them laugh and play together.”

She continued her caption, “Chandler does a million things for us every day. I love that he takes Grace on daily dad-ventures and watches the sunrise with her almost every morning. Your girls love you so much, sweetheart. ❤️”

In the comments Powell wrote, “I’m the luckiest man in the world to have you two girls as my family. I love you and Grace so very much❤️”

Chandler Powell Celebrates First Father’s Day on the Reserve

Grace Warrior Irwin Powell was born on March 25, 2021, and recently celebrated turning 5 months. She was born on Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s first wedding anniversary; judging by their happy, joyous Instagram posts, she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Grace Warrior and family recently spent a week in the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve on Cape York Peninsula. The reserve protects 330,000 acres of land with 35 unique ecosystems. Currently the reserve is home to 170 different bird species, 48 species of fish, 47 reptile species, 21 species of amphibians, and 20 different mammals.

15 Years Without the Crocodile Hunter

September 4 marked 15 years without Steve Irwin; Bindi posted photos on Instagram on the anniversary of her father’s death; one of Grace in her own Australia Zoo shirt and a heartwarming family photo of her and her father together when she was young. She captioned the photos, “This sweetheart has been watching her ‘Grandpa Crocodile’ on the projector at our camp here on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.”

Although she expresses her sadness that he is no longer with them, writing, “I wish with all my heart that Dad could hug my beautiful girl,” Bindi has hopes that her dad is watching over them. She wrote in her caption, “I hold on to the thought that he’s her guardian angel now, watching over the most special part of my life, Grace Warrior.” 

Steve Irwin passed in 2006, after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb during filming at Batt Reef in Queensland. He was buried at Australia Zoo.