Bindi Irwin Nurses Injured Turtle After It Was Hit by a Car

by Jon D. B.

Bindi Irwin is an angel on earth. Don’t believe us? Ask the adorable long-necked freshwater turtle, Jo; saved by the Wildlife Warriors.

There will never be any such thing as “too much” Irwin coverage. We Outsiders miss Steve Irwin every day, and it’s a fine blessing that his two children, Bindi and Robert Irwin, have continued on so brilliantly in his absence. Both have become adults their father would be beyond proud of.

Bindi just shared a perfect example of this over on her official Instagram. Thursday sees the Wildlife Warriors matron showcasing “Jo the eastern long-necked freshwater turtle.”

According to Bindi, “Jo was brought to our @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital after she was hit by a vehicle. Suffering from a fractured shell, Dr. Jaimee had to perform surgery to repair the wound and stabilize the shell.”

And once you see Jo’s sweet face, you’ll be even more thankful for Bindi Irwin and crew:

“Jo will remain in the loving care of our expert vet team until her injury heals, and she’s ready to return to the wild,” Bindi continues in her post. Angel. On. Earth.

“Sweet precious Jo!” comments the official Instagram account of the Irwins’ Wildlife Warriors. Bindi’s 4.6 million followers are heaping on the appreciation in kind, too.

“Your team works so hard to save our wildlife! Thank you all & also, passing all that love & compassion down to the next generation (she is so adorable)!!” replies follower Dana.

Bindi Irwin and the Wildlife Warriors

As for her Wildlife Warriors, its a legacy Bindi continues on with her wonderful mother, Teri Irwin. Teri and Steve would found the organization in 2002 in order to “conserve wildlife and wild places.” But there’s so much more to it than that.

The Wildlife Warriors operate out of the Irwins’ Australia Zoo. There, their state-of-the-art veterinarian hospitals cater to all of the country’s incredible wildlife.

On their founding, the organization’s official website explains that “Steve Irwin had a vision for conservation where people and wildlife could live harmoniously alongside one another. Each and every one of Wildlife Warriors’ conservation projects supports this vision. Through funding, education, research and a whole lot of hard work and dedication, our Wildlife Warriors are fighting to protect wildlife and wild places around the world for generations to come.”

Alongside Bindi Irwin, WW shares daily updates on the wildlife they rescue on their Instagram. Recently, a koala mum, Summer, and her joey, Salt, were featured, too. The post not only shows how precious Australia’s threatened wildlife are, but how we fellow Outsiders can help, too.

“Here’s your daily dose of cuteness from Summer and her joey Salt!” WW begins. “Summer is in rehabilitation after she was hit by a car, and these two are always by each other’s side. We will hopefully see them back in the wild in no time.”

“To help patients like Summer this #TraumaSeason, please donate at the link in our bio, and help us save our precious wildlife,” the post ends.

To do so yourself, head on over to Wildlife Warriors’ Linktree here, and help save Australia’s wildlife alongside Bindi Irwin and their phenomenal zoo team.