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Bindi Irwin Drops Passionate Message About Conservation After Tragic ‘Fire Event’ in Australia

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Bindi Irwin is speaking out on something she, as well as the rest of the family, are incredibly passionate about.

The entire Irwin family dedicated themselves to helping wildlife and the wilderness. Bindi Irwin is a passionate wildlife conservationist who works at the Australia Zoo and for her family’s Wildlife Warriors organization.

Bindi Irwin Posts About Climate Change

Irwin recently released an Instagram post that is reflecting on a traumatic event that happened in Australia last year. There was a catastrophic fire event that occurred throughout the entire country.

“Climate change is to blame for the unbelievable devastation to our native bushland with these fires. Scientists estimate that about 3 billion animal lives perished in these fires and our Wildlife Hospital was busier than ever. Climate change threatens life as we know it and every day I see the toll it takes on our natural environment,” Irwin wrote in the post.

Irwin also posted a video in which she is speaking at the Climate AID World Forum. This is an event in which climate change issues and solutions are discussed with the help of well-known speakers like Irwin.

“It’s important to get more people involved to understand the effects and drastic consequences of climate change across the world. As a passionate wildlife conservationist, I witness the harm that climate change has on our wildlife and wild places every day,” Irwin said.

The Fires in Australia and Conservation

She goes on to speak about the bush fires in Australia in the last decade. Climate change has made the fires in Australia far fiercer as well as more frequent. According to The Washington Post, the Black Summer fires two years ago killed 34 people and destroyed 2,500 homes.

There were dozens of fires in New South Wales, which actually led to a state of emergency in Australia. About 25.5 million acres burned, which is about the size of South Korea.

For some firefighters and locals, it’s like fighting a losing battle. Despite the ever-growing problem, people like Bindi Irwin and others are working to fight back. In October, the conservative government in Australia agreed to go carbon-neutral by 2050.

Irwin shares that the Australia Zoo was overrun with wildlife patients in need of life-saving care during this time. In addition, climate change can impact and make daily life hard for animals in other ways as well.

Conservationists are hoping that action will come swiftly and accurately.

“By surrounding yourself with others who share your passion for creating a positive change and by believing in your strength to change the world, you can empower each other to strive for action. This will create a real difference for our planet and wildlife,” Irwin also said.