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Bindi Irwin Showcases the ‘Magic’ of an Australian Sunrise During Visit from a Lemur

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

Between her adorable baby and her incredible job at the Australia Zoo, Bindi Irwin never posts a bad shot on her Instagram. Fans of the Irwins always look forward to the young mother’s updates on her family and residents at the animal sanctuary, and Irwin never disappoints.

To those of us Outsiders living in the States, the landscape of Irwin’s backyard and the animals she cares for truly makes it seem like she’s from another magical planet. Even the conversationist herself agreed with this notion in the caption of her most recent photo. In the post, a content, ring-tailed lemur clung to a wooden beam overlooking the vivacious greenery of the zoo. Behind the creature, sunbeams ignited the scene eutopic scene.

“The magic of sunrise here at Australia Zoo,” Irwin wrote. “Our spectacular wildlife sanctuary always feels like another world entirely.”

Bindi Irwin’s subject is one of the lemurs that visitors can interact with at the Australia Zoo. Deemed the “Leapin’ Lemurs” encounter, the exhibit allows visitors to spend the day and even feed the gentle and playful animals. Known for their climbing capabilities, the creatures often like to hang out on their guests’ shoulders and eat out of the palm of their hands.

Of course, Irwin, herself, is the ring-tailed lemurs’ favorite guest.

Bindi Irwin Shares Moments with Furry Friends from Home

While Bindi Irwin certainly treasures her time with the many animal residents at Australia Zoo, she has a special place in her heart for two four-legged friends named Stella and Piggy. These two are the canine members of the Irwin family who often visit the animal sanctuary. Stella the pug has been a longtime member of the household and has an impressive resume. Previously, Stella earned herself an Australia Zoo khaki uniform and even an honorary spot on the Queensland K-9 unit. Meanwhile, Piggy the King Charles cavalier came along just two years ago and quickly acclimated to the Irwins’ adventurous lifestyle.

When they’re not taking naps with Bindi Irwin’s daughter, Grace Warrior, the two pups tag along to the sanctuary. However, because of their small size, they’ve only met a handful of zoo residents, like emus, chickens and alpacas.

While Irwin’s pups love to hang out with their humans at the zoo, it seems Stella and Piggy’s favorite spot is at the beach. Though they aren’t the best surfers like their dad, Chandler Powell, the canines still like to roll around in the sand and watch the waves. Their favorite rest spot happens to be Powell’s board.