Bindi Irwin Tells Story Behind Daughter Grace Warrior’s Name

by Caitlin Berard

Parents naming their children is such a normal occurrence that most of us don’t think twice about it. The truth of the matter, however, is that it’s an extraordinary responsibility. You’re giving another human the name that they’ll carry for the rest of their lives! When it came time to name her child, Bindi Irwin not only understood the weight of the decision but chose a name that her daughter will no doubt wear with pride forever.

In a recent interview with The Kelly Clarkson Show, Bindi Irwin discusses how she chose her daughter’s name. She says that, upon seeing Grace Warrior for the first time, the name just came to her. “When beautiful Grace Warrior was born, my first words were that she’s our graceful warrior, and that’s actually how she got her name.”

The story then takes an even more touching turn, as Irwin shares that her love for both her daughter and late father inspired her to memorialize them in the form of a tattoo. “In [Grace Warrior’s] honor, I got graceful warrior tattooed on my arm in my dad’s handwriting so that my beautiful daughter and my dad could always be together and be with me,” Irwin said.

A teary-eyed Taraji P. Henson listens while Bindi finishes the heartwarming tale. “I think it’s really special to have them close to me always, no matter what happens in life. I’m really blessed. I have such a wonderful family, and I feel like dad is always with us in everything that we do.”

Bindi Irwin Shares Passion for Conservation With Daughter

Like her mother and father, legendary conservationist Steve Irwin, before her, Bindi Irwin has a strong passion for nature. Bindi says of her childhood, “From the moment I was born, my wonderful mum and dad started introducing me to wildlife. Our conservation work has been my life since the very beginning.”

It’s no surprise, then, that she has already started to foster a love for wildlife in her infant daughter. Bindi regularly takes to Instagram to share images of Grace Warrior enjoying the animals and Australian sunshine in their family-owned zoo in Beerwah, Queensland.

Eternally appreciative of her magical life as the daughter of the Crocodile Hunter, Bindi’s most recent photo of her little family was posted with the following caption. “The sun is shining on the Australia Zoo gardens. Our sanctuary is a place of tremendous peace. So much love for our wildlife, our dedicated team, and my beautiful family”. Bindi Irwin’s radiant personality shines through in every interview and social media post, a trait she will no doubt pass on to her adorable daughter, Grace Warrior.