Bindi Irwin Twins with Daughter Grace Warrior in Adorable New Photo, Terri Irwin Chimes In

by Anna Dunn

It’s hard to believe that Bindi Irwin is all grown up, but it’s very clear in a new photo Irwin posted with her daughter Grace Warrior right alongside a photo of her mother with her when she was a baby. The two look very similar. Terri Irwin chimed in.

“You were the sweetest baby, Bindi, and now you’re the most wonderful mama to dear little Grace!” she wrote.

Grace Warrior Irwin Powell was born on the first wedding anniversary of Bindi Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell. Bindi is now 22 years old. For many, it feels like only yesterday when she was just a kid, working on animal conservation projects with her late father, the “crocodile hunter,” Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin tragically passed away from a stingray attack in 2006 when Bindi was just eight years old. Now, Bindi Irwin has truly stepped into his shoes as a conservationist, zookeeper, and parent.

Bindi Irwin has Already Showed Grace around the Zoo

In an adorable post, Bindi Irwin shared how it’s going with Grace.

“Our gorgeous Grace Warrior is almost two months old,” Irwin wrote in an Instagram caption. “She loves an afternoon walk through our Australia Zoo gardens, lots of cuddles, and smiling big. She lights up the world with her beautiful heart.”

Terri Irwin currently owns the Australia Zoo, where Bindi and her brother, Robert work. Bindi also met her now-husband at the zoo when they were both young teenagers. The zoo is incredibly special to the Irwin family. In fact, Bindi and her Husband also married at the zoo.

The Irwin Family has Their Own Show

If you want to keep up with Bindi, Robert, and Terri, there’s a great way to do so. The three have their own show, Crikey! It’s the Irwins. The show follows the Irwin family as they educate viewers about the different animals at the zoo.

Crikey! It’s the Irwins premiered in 2018 and now has three seasons. The first episode, called Steve’s Legacy Continues, pays tribute to the late conservationist and follows Steve’s son as he learns how to be a crocodile wrangler just like his father.

The third season sees Bindi pregnant and still working at the zoo. It’s not always fun and games on the series, either. The show gets real about the ups and downs at the zoo. Sometimes, the animals get sick. Terri, Bindi, and Robert have all formed their own unique paths while still staying close.

Now, the family is adjusting to life with a new member, the adorable Grace Warrior, whose life is already full of fun adventures around the zoo.