Bindi Irwin’s Adorable Video of Grace Warrior ‘Playing’ Guitar with Robert Will Tug at Your Heart Strings

by Lauren Boisvert

Fun Uncle Robert is teaching 6-month-old Grace how to play guitar, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. Well, Grace, Bindi, and the Irwins are always cute, but this new video takes the cake.

In the video that both Bindi and Robert posted on Instagram recently, Robert sits with his niece Grace Warrior holding a guitar while the baby strums away.

He’s teaching her all the chords in the video, holding his fingers on the right strings while she strums. The video starts with Grace taking a massive downswing on the guitar, creating a beautiful chord, to which Robert replies, “There you go, good job.” At one point Robert praises Grace for her skills, saying, “Good finger control, good stuff.”

Bindi shared the video, captioning it, “Our baby girl learning to play the guitar with her uncle! Absolutely love this video.” Robert captioned his post, “Guitar lessons with Grace Warrior! (Love that giggle at the end).”

Robert spoke to Entertainment Tonight in June all bout his niece, who was 4 months at the time. “She’s at that age now where she’s really reacting to things, you know, when she sees a new animal.” He told a story about Grace meeting a koala for the first time, saying, “her little face, she was all kinds of sleepy, and she saw that koala and her face just lit up. The biggest smile, and it was amazing.”

In April, after Grace was born, Robert posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding his baby niece, captioning it, “I feel so honoured that I’ll get to share all the amazing experiences that I had growing up in a zoo, and teach her about everything from rescuing wildlife to caring for our family of animals.”

Bindi Irwin and Grace Warrior Twinning in New Photo

We love the Irwins here, and there’s nothing like logging onto Instagram and seeing that one of them posted a new photo of Australia’s favorite baby, Grace Warrior. Chandler Powell, Bindi Irwin’s husband, did just that yesterday, “gracing” us all with an adorable photo of his wife and daughter Grace looking matchy-matchy for a day out.

In the mirror selfie, Bindi wears Grace on her front in a carrier, both of them wearing sunglasses and sticking their tongues out for the pic.

Powell captioned the photo, “My girls sent me this photo while I was in a Zoo meeting. It absolutely made my day and I hope it makes yours too. These two always put a smile on my face.”

Honestly, they always put a smile on my face, too. There’s no baby I like in the world more than I adore Grace Warrior, and that’s including my own niece. Sorry, Sofia.