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Bindi Sue Irwin Celebrates Daughter Grace Warrior Being 7 Months with Precious Photo Gallery

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Can you believe that the daughter of Bindi Sue Irwin is already seven months old? Well, you better believe it because Bindi has the adorable pictures to back it up.

Just seeing that Bindi Sue Irwin has a new social media post can make anyone smile. Especially on a cold and wet Monday morning like today. The 23-year-old new mom is known to use her official social media accounts to showcase her life at the beautiful Australia Zoo. But she does more than just that. She also engages with her fans, and posts intimate updates about her marriage and now about her daughter.

There will always be a little part of us that sees Bindi as a little girl herself. After all, we have basically watched her grow up. She is the daughter of the popular and beloved Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. But Bindi is now a mother herself. She and her husband, Chandler Powell, welcomed their daughter, Grace Warrior Powell, into the world back on March 25. That date will always be special because not only is it the birthdate of their daughter, but it’s also the same day as the couple’s wedding anniversary.

Grace Warrior is 7 Months Old

Can you believe that Little Grace Warrior was born back in March? It seems like just yesterday we heard the news. But that officially makes her seven months old. As the proud mom that she is, Bindi Sue Irwin took to her official Instagram account to update her fans and followers on the important milestone. As. you can see in the photos, baby Grace looks like she is enjoying every second of life. In one photo she is all smiles wearing a pink sweater and sock hat. In the other photo, she is sticking her tongue out in an adorable fashion.

Take a look down below for yourself:

“Expectation vs. Reality (swipe) Grace Warrior is 7 months old!” Bindi wrote alongside the photos. “She loves snuggles, adventure, trying new food, grabbing everything, and giggles. Apparently koalas are especially funny. Infinite love for our little Wildlife Warrior.”

Fans of Bindi Sue Irwin Comment on Grace Warrior Turning 7 Months Old

Bindi’s post has already racked up well over 320,000 likes in addition to hundreds of comments. Even Bindi Irwin’s husband, Chandler Powell, stopped by the comments section.

“Our daughter is the cutest,” Powell said.

Other fans and followers did much of the same thing.

“That little tongue what a precious girl!”

“Aww!! What an adorable little princess!! She looks just like her mama “

“She’s such a little darling and love the way she sticks her tongue out in photos. Real Cutie! “