Bindi Sue Irwin Defines ‘Happiness’ with Daughter Grace in Heartwarming Outdoors Photo

by Anna Dunn

Bindi Sue Irwin recently posted an adorable photo with her daughter Grace. The conservationist gave birth to her baby girl in March of 2021. And since then, she’s given her fans some adorable updates. In the newest post, she defined what happiness means to her.

“Happiness is meeting an echidna for the very first time. Sweet Grace Warrior loved watching all the digging for ants. Monotremes (egg laying mammals) are the coolest,” she wrote.

Bindi’s fans were quick to comment on all the adorableness.

“Bindi you are your precious little angel are so darling and adorable together,” one fan wrote.

“Can’t wait until she gets to start naming the creatures!” another fan wrote.

“So so adorable . I love how Grace is growing up with all these amazing animals . You and Chandler are such loving parents to this sweetheart girl, she’s so blessed to have you guys and not to forget her funcle Robert and granny Terri . Steve would be so so proud and I’m sure he watches over all of you,” another fan commented.

That last comment is in reference to her father, Steve Irwin, who passed away in 2006. Irwin was a famous conservationist also known as “the crocodile hunter.” Now, Bindi and her family are continuing on with his legacy with their own conservation work.

And little Grace Warrior gets to be a part of this world. No doubt, she’s being raised to love and respect these animals just like her parents do. This isn’t the first photo of Grace taken around the zoo or other animals. And its touching to see her get to know some of the critters that her parents help out.

Bindi Irwin Recently Shared Another Touching Photo With Her Husband, Chandler Powell

Irwin also shares some sweet photos with her husband, Chandler Powell. The two met while Powell was taking a trip to Australia. Powell, who is an American, was visiting the Australia Zoo when he met Bindi. They were young teenagers at the time and immediately bonded. Now, many years later, the two are married.

They married in a small ceremony at the Zoo in 2020. The pandemic was going on, so it was restricted to family.

The touching photo shows the two of them holding hands in a park.

“Thank you for always holding my hand as we adventure through life together,” Irwin wrote, to which he responded, “Always.”