Bindi Sue Irwin’s First Matching Halloween Costume with Daughter Grace is As Adorable as You’d Hope

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Bindi Sue Irwin’s little family gets more adorable by the day. And we can’t even handle how cute their Halloween costumes are.

New parents Bindi Sue Irwin and Chandler Powell are loving every moment with their seven-month-old daughter Grace Warrior. They’re experiencing all the exciting milestones of their firstborn’s first year, and now they get to enjoy dressing their precious baby up for Halloween.

And with Halloween around the corner, they debuted their costumes on Instagram. We think you’ll love their “groovy” look as much as we do.

“Peace, love, and koala hugs,” she wrote alongside a family photo. “Wishing you a groovy Halloween from our family to yours.”

In the snapshot, the Irwin-Powell family is decked out in 1960s hippie garb. And they covered every fashion detail from the decade.

Chandler is wearing a tie-dyed tee-shirt, and he has a bandana around his head. Bindi Sue is donning a psychedelic patterned button-up, a leather vest with tassels, and a flower crown. And Grace is sporting a flower-child onesie and a crown that matches her mom’s. The baby is also wearing a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses and a smile.

To top everything off, a cuddly Koala joined the family photograph. As we all know, Bindi Sue loves Koalas, so she snuggles with the marsupials as often as possible.

Time is flying for the Irwin-Powell family. Grace Warrior is already seven months old.

On March 26, 2021, Bindi Sue Irwin and her Husband Chandler Powell welcomed Grace Warrior Irwin Powell to their family.

The bundle of joy was named after relatives on both sides of the family. And Warrior Irwin was a tribute to Bindi Sue’s late father Steve Irwin. Because as Bindi Sue said, Steve was “the most incredible Wildlife Warrior.”

Seven months later, Grace Warrior is adorable, thriving, and gorgeous. And the baby can bring a smile to anyone’s face. On Grace’s seven month birthday, her proud mom took to Instagram to commemorate the special day.

Bindi Sue posted two photos of her daughter in a soft pink and white outfit. And she’s posing with a sign that reads “seven months old.”

“Expectation vs. Reality (swipe) Grace Warrior is 7 months old!” Bindi Sue captioned. “She loves snuggles, adventure, trying new food, grabbing everything, and giggles. Apparently, koalas are especially funny. Infinite love for our little Wildlife Warrior.”

In the “expectation” photo, Grace laughs and holds up the sign for her mother. In the “reality” picture, the baby drops the sign and sticks her little tongue out for the camera.