Bindi Sue Irwin Shares Adorable Video of Her ‘Sweethearts’ Learning to Share

by Amy Myers

Before little Grace Warrior came along, Bindi Irwin was just a proud fur-mom with two canines to cuddle with after a long day at the Australia Zoo.

Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, have two pups waiting for them at home, Piggy the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and Stella the pug. Both pooches are frequent visitors of the Zoo, and they’ve played with their fair share of zoo residents. But nothing could have prepared the two for the little bundle of joy that came home early last year.

Now that she’s gotten a bit bigger and has learned how to interact with a wide range of animals, Bindi Irwin’s daughter is now tackling a new skill – sharing.

Thankfully, the sweet tot doesn’t mind giving Piggy the tennis ball that she’s become so infatuated with. Of course, mom had to take a video of the tender moment between two of her favorite creatures.

“Learning how to share the ball. Sweethearts,” Bindi Irwin captioned the Instagram post.

Clearly, Piggy and Grace have developed an especially close bond. Ever since the youngest Irwin member came home from the hospital, the cavalier King Charles spaniel has paid special attention to the babe.

Take a look at the two having an intimate chat from a few months ago.

Bindi Sue Irwin Reintroduces Herself to New Fans

Since Grace’s birth, Bindi Irwin has seen a huge influx of followers on Instagram. Not surprisingly, the animal advocate decided to use her growing platform to talk about the issues passions to which she’s dedicated her life’s work.

Here’s how she reintroduced herself to new fans:

“My name is Bindi Sue Irwin. My parents named me after a crocodile and the family dog, Sui. I’m a Wildlife Warrior and have dedicated my life to speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Conservation work is my life. It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am,” Bindi Irwin shared. “I have a beautiful 10 month old daughter, Grace Warrior and a wonderful husband, Chandler. Our family lives and works in our wildlife sanctuary, Australia Zoo and we’re proud to be doing everything we can to protect our wildlife and wild places.’

She continued, “Over the years we have done a lot of filming work to raise awareness for our planet. My parents first started filming ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ back in the 1990’s. Fast forward to today after hundreds of documentaries filmed and a few movies, doing our best to educate and inspire people to love our natural world. Everything we do, we earn, we are, is for conservation.”