Bindi Sue Irwin Shows Off New Merch Line ‘Supporting Conservation’

by Anna Dunn

Bindi Sue Irwin is showing off her new Merch line in support of conservation efforts. Irwin is a conservationist and animal activist who runs the Australia Zoo with her family. She showed off the new merch in a post shared to her Instagram account.

The Instagram account is often used as a platform to promote conservation efforts, but this is a new and exciting way to do so. The merch line has some absolutely adorable clothes for infants. Each piece has its own animal printed on it.

“I’m so proud of this limited edition range that we created supporting conservation. Swipe to see the cuteness. You can find this sweet range by visiting the link in my bio or (shipping worldwide),” she wrote in the post. It really is a cuteness overload.

The photo set shows her and her husband, Chandler Powell. The next photos spotlight the merch.

Fans think the merch is absolutely adorable.

“These are all so cute!! Happy for you guys. I hope you sell out overnight,” one fan wrote.

“Brought my 9 month old daughter a onesie when we came to the zoo after Christmas so cute and the material is amazing,” another fan said.

“Omg stop it!!!! My youngest is 13 months and neeeeeeds these!!! *considers having a third just for the cuteness of these clothes,” another fan wrote.

Bindi and Her Family Are Big on Their Conservation Efforts

Bindi Irwin and her husband often take to Instagram to share updates with not only the Australia zoo but with their family life. The two have a daughter, Grace Warrior together. She was born on March 25th, 2021, and is absolutely adorable.

Bindi Irwin is the daughter of the famous “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, who passed away in 2006. Following his death, Bindi, her mom Terri, and her brother Robert have continued on his legacy with their conservation efforts.

Bindi Irwin Recently Shared Her ‘Outback Adventures’ With Her Daughter, Grace

In a recent Instagram post, Bindi Irwin shared her outback adventures with her daughter, Grace Warrior. Irwin has taken Grace on a ton of adorable adventures and gotten her acquainted with the animals already.

“Outback adventures. Spending time at our conservation property with our gorgeous wild child,” she wrote. The video shows the two with massive grins on their faces hanging out on the property.

The adorable video is a fantastic example of the posts she shares. And now, she’s using that platform in a whole new way. This merch should be able to raise some much-needed funds for conservation efforts, which is what matters most to her and her family.