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Bindi Sue Irwin is a ‘Tired Mama’ in Adorable Photo with Her Dog, Teases New ‘Projects’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

As one of the heirs to famous Australian television personality Steve Irwin’s legacy, Bindi Sue Irwin is staying busy. And like most of us, the 23-year-old has her moments of exhaustion while working so hard in support of her family.

Bindi shared one of these moments via social media on Sunday, Sept. 12. In the photo she shared on Instagram, she is holding an adorable dog. Her eyes are closed, but she is smiling. It’s a moment most dog owners understand. It’s one of those quiet moments alone with your beloved pup. There’s nothing like the calm and comfort our four-legged friends can bring, after all.

In her caption, Bindi Sue Irwin talks about why she needs to relax with her adorable pup. “Early morning FaceTime with Chandler’s sweet family,” her Instagram caption began.

Next, she offered up information fans of her family and their world-famous Australian Zoo will be very happy to hear. “Lots of busy & exciting Australia Zoo projects on the horizon,” Bindi Sue also teased in this social media post.

Bindi Sue Irwin Describes Herself as ‘Happy’ and ‘Tired’ in Recent Social Media Post

Bindi Sue Irwin then gave her fans an update about her very young daughter, Grace. “Grace is now taking her morning nap.” Like most mothers of newborns, the daughter of the famous Steve Irwin is taking a moment to relax while her baby girl sleeps. And like most new mothers, Bindi is happy to have a moment of peace. And like most new mothers, she also needs a well-deserved rest.

“Grace is now taking her morning nap. Happy mama. Tired mama,” Bindi Sue posted on Instagram.

This heir of the Irwin family legacy then closed this social media post by expressing things many other women will understand. She’s happy to be a mother, but she is also tired. But, she won’t let that exhaustion stand in her way. “Grateful for all the love in my life. Also excited for the cup of coffee my husband is making me,” Bindi Sue also shared.

You can check out Bindi Sue Irwin’s Instagram post below. As fans of the Irwin family are aware, Bindi is the daughter of the late Steve Irwin. He is best known as “The Crocodile Hunter.”

Unsurprisingly, Bindi Sue Irwin’s husband commented on his wife’s Instagram post. Her husband is Chandler Powell. His response to his wife’s Sept. 12 post read, “All the love…and all the coffee too.”

According to PEOPLE, Bindi Sue and Chandler welcomed their daughter into the world on March 25, 2021. The child’s given name is Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. Grace is the first child Bindi Sue and Chandler have had together.