Blake Shelton Cannot Wait to Hop Back on His Tractor

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Musicians On Call)

It seems like Blake Shelton has Spring Fever and is ready to get back on his tractor and into some dirt. The weather is turning. The birds are chirping. And that means it is about time to get back out there and do the things we all love to do outside. Dig a garden, plant some seeds, and have a fun time nurturing some life this year!

That’s what it looks like Blake Shelton plans to do on his Kubota tractor. The country music star has been talking about retirement more and more recently. So, I think we can take a guess at what the Come Back as a Country Boy singer has planned for that fateful day. Until then, he’ll use his spare time to get that bucket working, haul some trees, and get his field ready for planting.

Check out the post below and see for yourself.

Spring is a great time of the year. There’s just so much to love. Rebirth, new growth, and all of those things that make you feel like something good are around the corner. For those that like to get their hands dirty, it is also the time of year to get planting. Now, your early crops should probably be in the ground about now. However, there’s plenty of time to get seeds and sprouts out there.

Shelton has a nice piece of machinery there with that Kubota. With wife Gwen Stefani, this will be their first Spring as a married couple together. So, Shelton better get the farm looking nice for his new family. While he keeps talking about slowing down and maybe retiring from the full-time celebrity thing, he has been working still. That includes a new song with his good friend and fellow country singer, Joe Nichols.

Blake Shelton Puts the Tractor Aside for Joe Nichols Duet

Both Blake Shelton and Joe Nichols have known one another for a long time, before Shelton got that shiny Kubota. Over the years, Shelton has become a megastar in the genre, and Nichols has built his own successful career as well. However, on the new album, Good Day for Living the two get together on a new duet that is sure to make both artists’ fans happy.

The song, I’ve Got Friends That Do is a classic sound from Nichols. Relaxed, thinking about being on the water, having fun… oh, and using your buddy’s money, boat, and other fun things to impress folks. That’s the country boy’s dream!

“You know, that guy [Shelton] is the same guy that I first met 23 years ago,” Nichols said. “He’s the same, exact guy he has always been; loud and the kind of humor that only he can have. I think he’s truly a unique person. He’s a one-of-a-kind of person.”

That’s high praise from one friend to another.