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Blake Shelton’s CDC Tweets Stirs Social Media With Reactions

by Jacklyn Krol
Blake Shelton CDC Tweets
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel)

Blake Shelton inticed a Twitter war between his fans after tweeting about the CDC.

Blake Shelton and His CDC Tweets

“I’m not even sure which side (politically) this would land on,” he began. “But am I the only person who sees the new CDC update as some actual good news? Just that. Not left or right… Just updated info that’s better than we thought. I mean does everything have to be a fight these days?”

It was initially unclear which Center For Disease Control news he was speaking of. He later confirmed that it was the report that 94% of COVID-19 (coronavirus) patients had underlying health conditions.

Some of the main contributing health issues include: influenza, pneumonia, respiratory failure, hypertensive disease, diabetes, heart failure, renal failure, among others.

See the tweet, below.

Fans’ Responses

Shelton replied to three fans before hopping off the social media platform. A fan responded to his initial tweet saying that she disagrees. “Fair enough… I’m not looking to argue,” Shelton replied.

One user questioned if Shelton was referring to the testing less with stricter CDC guidance. “Sorry I should’ve been more clear,” he said. “I’m talking about 6% news. Again I’m not looking for an argument from either side. I just see it as some better news is all.”

Another fan said that most people do have pre-existing health conditions and to do his research. “This is what I’m talking about,” he rebutted. “I’m not going to argue at all because I’m not advocating for anything. What is the fight? Covid is horrifying. That’s it.”

“Whew… I can see that there’s no way a fight won’t erupt about this stuff,” he added. “No matter how you slice it. And that’s last thing I wanted. Stay healthy and safe everyone.”

One fan asked if Shelton could tell his followers to wear face masks, since that is the major way to prevent the spread of the virus. “What @texomashores says!!!” he exclaimed. “I’m headed to film The Voice now,” he concluded.

See the tweets, below.