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Blake Shelton Gives Texas Teacher List of Classroom Supplies: ‘Ah Hell… I’ve Had a Few Drinks’

by Matthew Wilson
Blake Shelton Gives Texas Teacher List of Classroom Supplies
Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Some people do bad karaoke after a few drinks. Blake Shelton, on the other hand, ensures low-income children have school supplies. The country singer did a little back-to-school shopping after a teacher reached out to him on Twitter.

Maree Gress, a 1st grade teacher from Texas, asked for Shelton’s help on Twitter. Gress works for a low income school, and as a result, she has struggled the past few years to provide school supplies for her classroom. She reached out hoping the country singer would share the list with his followers.

Consequently, Shelton did her one better. He decided to buy the rest of the teacher’s list, making a purchase on Amazon. “Ah hell… I’ve had a few drinks. I’ll take care of it for ya,” he said.

Gress thanked the singer for helping her and the children. Shelton’s act of compassion also moved the elementary school teacher to tears.

Blake Shelton made headlines for a controversial tweet earlier this week.

While Gress may be thankful Shelton has a Twitter, the singer created a bit of controversy earlier this week.

“I’m not even sure which side (politically) this would land on,” he began. “But am I the only person who sees the new CDC update as some actual good news? Just that. Not left or right… Just updated info that’s better than we thought. I mean does everything have to be a fight these days?”

He later confirmed he was talking about the report that 94% of COVID-19 (coronavirus) patients had underlying health conditions. Some of the main contributing health issues generally include: influenza, pneumonia, respiratory failure, hypertensive disease, diabetes, heart failure, renal failure, among others.

This sparked a slew of responses from several of his followers, who found Shelton’s remarks insensitive to those affected.