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Blake Shelton Wants Miley Cyrus at Wedding to Gwen Stefani as a ‘Human Being’ Rather Than as Singer

by Will Shepard
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are going to get married sometime this year, hopefully. Recently, his fiancé has been talking about how she would be delighted if Miley Cyrus sang at their wedding.

Despite the couple wanting to have a small wedding, Gwen Stefani has been saying that she wants the singer there. In a recent interview with People, Blake Shelton opened up about his vision for the wedding.

During the conversation, he talks specifically about Miley Cyrus’s presence at the wedding. He mentions that he wants the ultra-popular musician to be a guest at the wedding, rather than just being the entertainment. This is some incredibly high praise from Blake Shelton, even though it may seem a bit off.

Blake Shelton Wants Miley Cyrus to Be at the Wedding as a Guest, Not as a Singer

Talking about the wedding, Blake Shelton offers some insight into how the planning has been going. Because the two are incredible musicians, a lot of the conversation presumably centers around music. This is clearly a hot topic in their household.

Blake Shelton even says that they approach performing differently. He says that Gwen Stefani can just begin singing beautifully almost immediately.

“She drives me crazy because she’s a lot like Kelly [Clarkson] in the way that they can burst out with this voice. If I’m going to sing, I have to think about it and go warm up. It’s unfair.”

However, Blake Shelton’s thoughts on Miley Cyrus performing at the wedding are a little different than his fiancé’s. He actually wants Adam Levine to be performing at his wedding instead of Miley.

“Gwen was showing me that she even said, ‘I promise to be on my best behavior.’ I’ve known Miley long enough [for her to have to say], ‘By the way, I’ll be nice when I get here.’ So that was nice of her. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I still say Adam owes me a full-band performance with Maroon 5, mostly because I want it to cost him. I would rather have Miley as a human being.”

Regardless of whether or not Miley ends up performing at their wedding, the music will be good. Two music stars won’t let there be a bad performance on their. big day.