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Blake Shelton Not Sure Internet ‘Cry Babies’ Could Handle Third Gwen Stefani Duet

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Children's Diabetes Foundation

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani make such beautiful music together. Bet you’re hearing lots of “You Make Me Feel Like Christmas” on your radio this holiday season.

Yet Shelton, the country star, mocked the idea of another 2020 duet with Stefani, his soon-to-be-wife and established pop diva.

On Wednesday, Shelton bantered with a music critic on Twitter. He’d seen a tweet from Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes, who posed a Shelton-Stefani question earlier in the week. Dukes wrote “unconventional opinion: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani should release a 3rd straight duet. Would be kinda old school and they could go for Duo of the Year at the CMA/ACM Awards.”

Shelton responded Wednesday, “I like your thinking Billy…. Although I’m not sure the Internet could handle the Twitter cry babies out there!!! Ha!!! Actually that ALONE might make it worth it!!!”

Hmm, not sure who the cry babies might be. Your average every-day “hater?” Maybe he’s talking about how some folks are relieved that Stefani’s new single hasn’t been countrified. Instead, Stefani flaunted her established pop style.

Earlier this week, Stefani released the song “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” There wasn’t a single twangy chord related to Shelton. Vulture, a pop culture site, screamed its approval. The song review said “This ain’t exactly her pink hair and “Bathwater” phase, but hey, we’re just happy that the Voice guy from Oklahoma didn’t sneak in for some backing vocals during the chorus.”

Stefani was so detailed in the reintroduction that she duplicated her video look from 1995, when she was the lead singer of “No Doubt.” She wore a crop top with cargo pants and looked a lot like the young singer who released “Just a Girl,” 25 years ago. Back then, she had no thoughts about Shelton, who still was two years away from signing his first record deal.

Country Music Lovers Adore Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Earlier this year, Stefani enjoyed her first No. 1 song on the country charts with her “Nobody But You” duet with Shelton.

Shelton issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight when the song hit the lofty peak in late April. He thanked the songwriters and said:

“You wrote a perfect song in which every lyric has meaning in my life, and I thank you. Another thanks goes to the fans who continue to listen — and I know there are a lot of distractions these days — one day soon we can all celebrate music together again. And finally, thanks to Gwen for joining me and making this one of the most special songs I’ve recorded. Congratulations on your first number one country single!”

Then, this fall, the couple’s duet,” Happy Anywhere,” gave Shelton and Stefani another No. 1. It was Shelton’s 28th No. 1. And Stefani’s second.

He said “I don’t know how the hell this keeps happening, but I couldn’t be more grateful that it does.”

There must be far more lovers of Shelton-Stefani than there are “twitter cry babies.”