Blake Shelton Reflects on Success He Has Found in Nashville

by Atlanta Northcutt

Nashville, Tennessee, also known as “Music City,” brings in hundreds, if not thousands, of aspiring country music singers and performers from around the world.

They try to hit it big, but only a few succeed. Blake Shelton has definitely learned some lessons from his time in “Music City” and used those experiences to blast off into becoming a major star.

Those Ole’ Nashville Days

It’s safe to say Shelton’s life has definitely changed. However, he still remembers his early days in Nashville.

“I don’t think there’s a word to describe how blessed or fortunate I’ve been,” Blake says during an interview with Billboard.

But all Blake Shelton ever really wanted was to hear himself on country radio. In an interview with Billboard Country Update, he says all he ever wanted was to hear himself playing on a country radio station. He took the chance to move to Nashville in the early 1990s.

“I moved to Nashville after I graduated high school hoping to hear just one of my songs on country radio,” Shelton told Billboard.

That was his only goal, and he was highly dedicated to achieving his dream. However, he never expected what the outcome would be.

His desires had the talent to back them up. He found his desire with the talent of his first single gaining traction two decades ago.

The Original Sound of Blake Shelton & His First No. 1 Hit

He released his first song, which was without a doubt considered a hit by fans and critics alike. Blake’s debut single “Austin” released in early 2001 was the golden goose gaining him his first No.1 hit.

Looking back in 2020, Shelton has grown immensely after consistently recording singles and albums. Some reached massive acclaim, while others flopped, which is how the industry works. With the release of “Hillbilly Bone”, he soared to the top of the charts, along with 16 singles.

Soaring to Fame

Shelton is now a judge on the TV show The Voice, owner of a bar and restaurant in Nashville, winner of countless awards, fiancee to Gwen Stefani, and a famous musician and singer.

Rising to mega-celebrity status, Blake has performed duets with fiancee Gwen Stefani, garnering more recognition and positive acclaim.

“Now to have 28 No. 1 singles — not to mention two consecutive ones with the fantastically talented and life-saving Gwen Stefani — my lucky streak continues,” he added. Their follow-up collaboration to “Nobody but You” is “Happy Anywhere,” which is recently topping the charts.

In the most popular section of Nashville where tourists gather, the Broadway strip, Blake has a restaurant and entertainment complex, called Blake Shelton’s Ole Red. The complex joins several country artists who have done the same. These include Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, and Kid Rock, among others, in the downtown Nashville area.