Blake Shelton Reveals Where He Keeps His ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Issue

by Will Shepard

In 2017, Blake Shelton was named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” This is an honor that very few people ever get, so it is one that the music star treasures.

Recently, the musician gave a press conference at Ole Red in Orlando. During the press conference, he shared a surprising personal tidbit about the magazine issue. Most importantly, he noted that he still likes to flip through his personal copy every so often.

At the press conference, he was asked where he keeps the issue. Without much hesitation, Blake Shelton laughed and said, “It’s in the bathroom. I look at it often.” The bathroom seems to be as good of a place as any to keep it.

Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Restaurant in Orlando

Ryman Hospitality Properties and Blake Shelton have opened a restaurant based on his hit, “Ole Red.” The press conference was part of a publicity stunt for the restaurant.

Even though the restaurant opened last June, Blake Shelton is still figuring out how to decorate the place. There are already several of his trophies at the restaurant. He is still figuring out what else to bring down to the spot. “I had done a telephone interview last year sometime, and because I hadn’t been able to come here, and I told them I want to bring some awards and stuff to keep.”

So far, he has a People’s Choice Award at the restaurant. He also has the CMT award that he and Gwen Stefani won for “Nobody But You” at the location. But, the popular musician said that he was going to continue adding to the award collection there.

“I guess we’ll display them somewhere. And I’ll send some more, I’ll send some CMAs,” Blake Shelton said. “You love winning that stuff, but it’s kind of embarrassing to put it in your own house on your mantle, so it’s cooler to have it somewhere like this where people can see it.”

Maybe one of the things he sends down to the restaurant will be his “Sexiest Man Alive” Magazine. However, that might be hard if he likes to peruse through it while in the bathroom.